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About Adult Social Care Services

Reading Adult Social Care Services supports adults (18 years+) who live within the Borough of Reading and who, because of their age, a disability or long-term health problem (including a mental health problem) are finding it increasingly difficult to take care of themselves and/or stay in touch with family and friends.

Our role is to make sure you can access the support you need to stay well, maintain your independence and continue to live safely in your own home for as long as possible.

We also support carers who look after a Reading adult who is dependent on them for care and support. pdf icon Carers Support Factsheet [109kb]

The help you get and what you pay for it will depend on your individual circumstances. We will ask you (and/or your carer) to tell to us about your situation so we can understand your needs and offer the most appropriate help. This could include one or more of the following:

  • Short-term/urgent support
    If you come to us in a crisis we will offer some short-term care and support services to keep you safe until your situation is more stable and you are in a better position to make decisions about your long-term care.

  • Information and advice
    Information and advice is FREE and available to all Reading residents. You can also find information and advice on the Reading Service Guide.
  • Preventative services
    We offer services which could help maintain or improve your independence and prevent, and reduce or delay your need for more intensive social care support. This includes working with your friends and family to help you make the most of your own support networks, reablement services to help you regain your independence, providing alarms, adaptations and equipment for your home to help keep you safe and helping you to access social and leisure activities

    Most preventative services are free* and available to ALL Reading residents whose initial assessment suggests they would benefit from this help (*there is a small weekly fee for community alarm services).

  • Ongoing care and support at home
    We can help you choose and plan the services you want to meet your eligible needs.

    We can arrange and manage your care and support services for you or, if you would like more choice and control over your care arrangements, we can give you the money we would normally contribute towards your care costs and you can make your own arrangements. This is called direct payment. We will only suggest a permanent move to a care home if your assessment shows you have substantial and complex care and support needs which can't be met at home.

How to get help

You can contact us yourself or on behalf of someone you are concerned about.

For older people and adults with disabilities:

Call Adult Social Care on 0118 937 3747 or complete our assessment form.

For adults with mental health problems:

Ask your GP or health care worker to refer you or call the Common Point of Entry Team on 0300 365 0300.

Assessments are FREE and available to ALL Reading residents with care and support needs.


If you are unhappy with the way you have been treated by a member of our staff or the service you receive please let us know as soon as possible - you can talk to your social care worker or their manager or you can call our Customer Relations Team on 0118 937 2905 (email: socialcarecomplaints@reading.gov.uk).

pdf icon Overview of Adult Social Care factsheet [167kb]

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