School admission arrangements


As the Admission Authority for the area, we are required to create rules to follow when allocating school places. These rules must meet the School Admissions Code.

Details of how school places will be allocated in 2017 can be found in these documents:

pdf icon Co-ordinated Scheme for Primary School Admissions 2017 [88kb]

pdf icon Co-ordinated Scheme for Secondary School Admissions 2017 [81kb]

pdf icon Primary Admissions Policy for Community Schools 2017 [127kb]

pdf icon Relevant Area for 2017 Admissions [69kb]


Reading Borough Council are not opening consultation on our admissions policies for community schools for 2018 entry as there are no significant changes. 

Reading Borough council co-ordinates admission for entry to Primary, Junior and Secondary schools as required by the School Admissions Code. Reading Borough Council's co-ordinated scheme for Primary, Infant and Secondary schools for 2018 ensures each child receives one offer of a school place. Details of how these admissions will be co-ordinated can be found on the following documents:

pdf icon Primary Co-Ordinated Scheme 2018. [170kb]

pdf icon Secondary Co-Ordinated Scheme 2018. [164kb]

pdf icon Relevant area 2018 [117kb]

Reading Borough Council also operates admissions procedures for its community schools.

pdf icon Primary Admissions Policy for Community Schools [147kb]

pdf icon Catchment area maps [5Mb]

The schemes and policies were formally determined at a meeting of the Policy Committee on 13 February 2017.

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