The Hogwarts Curriculum Lectures: Defence Against The Dark Arts with Christopher Frayling - 22 January 2018

Battle Library

7 to 8.15pm

How can we protect ourselves from vampires?

Join us for a live screening broadcast live from the British Library in London. History contains no Death Eaters, but plenty of vampires. Cultural historian Christopher Frayling explores the history and myths surrounding these bloodsucking fiends over the centuries and gives a lesson on how the various methods of protecting ourselves. How has their appearance changed? What are their weaknesses? And how have they been appropriated by the Gothic imagination?

Christopher Frayling was until recently Rector of the Royal College of Art and Chair of Arts Council England. A cultural historian, critic and award-winning broadcaster on television and radio, he has published over twenty books on art, design, film and popular culture - including Nightmare - the birth of horror and Vampyres - Genesis and Resurrection.


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