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DOLS in the community


Ian Brownhill, Barrister, Edge Training & Consultancy

Target Group:

Social care practitioners.

Aims and Outcomes

To enable participants to identify when applications need to be made to the Court of Protection to authorise deprivation of liberty and to comply with the requirements set down by the Court for making such applications.

Course Content

  • Deprivation of liberty after Cheshire West
  • The acid test and its application in community settings
  • Re X: the case, the process, and the future
  • Capacity: assessing and collating evidence
  • Best interests: assessing and collating evidence
  • Deprivation of liberty: assessing and collating evidence
  • Case law: examples of community DoL cases
  • The Representative: identifying and practical issues
  • The Court of Protection forms  and practical issues with DoL applications to the Court
  • Case studies: applying learning to practice

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All external delegates will be charged at £90 per person (same rate to attend or cancellation charge).

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