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2019 European Parliamentary Elections


Regional result:

Local result: pdf icon European Parliamentary Election 2019 - Reading result [49kb]

Election of Members of the European Parliament for the South East Region

pdf icon Statement of persons nominated and notice of poll [80kb]

pdf icon Notice of Election for European Parliament for the South East region 2019 [17kb]

pdf icon Notice of Election Agents for the European Election [203kb]

pdf icon Situation of polling stations [37kb]

European Parliamentary Elections are currently scheduled to take place on Thursday 23nd May 2019.  

The South East Region will include the following Wards in Reading:-

  • Abbey
  • Battle
  • Caversham
  • Church
  • Katesgrove
  • Kentwood
  • Mapledurham
  • Minster
  • Norcot
  • Park
  • Peppard
  • Redlands
  • Southcote
  • Thames
  • Tilehurst
  • Whitley

Register to vote

The deadline to register to vote for the European Parliamentary Elections which are being held on 23rd May 2019 is at midnight on 7th May 2019. You can still register online for future elections (, but after this date you will not be able to vote in the election on 23rd May 2019. Alternatively, you could ask for an application form to be sent to you by contacting Electoral Services on 0118 937 3717 or

Further information can also be found at

European Parliament Voter Registration Forms

EU Citizens living in the UK

If you're a citizen of a European Union country (other than the UK, Republic of Ireland, Malta and Cyprus), you can either vote in the UK or in your home country. You can't vote twice.

To vote in the UK, you need to:

  • be registered to vote
  • complete a form stating you wish to vote in the UK and not in your home country

European Parliament Voter Registration Forms are being sent to all European Electors on the Electoral Register.  It is important for all European Citizens to be registered and to have completed and returned the form by Tuesday 7th May 2019.  If the European Parliament Voter Registration Form is not completed by Tuesday 7th May 2019, European Citizens on our Register will not be able to vote in this Election.

If you are a European Citizen you can obtain a European Parliament Voter Registration Form from:- 

Overseas Electors can vote in the European Election but not in the Local Borough Election being held on 2nd May.

Poll cards

Poll cards will been sent out to all eligible electors and the first batch of poll cards are due to be despatched on 24th April 2019 and the second batch is due to be despatched on 15th May 2019.

You don't need your poll card to vote.

If you don't have your poll card, you can go to the polling station and give them your name and address. You don't need any other form of ID.

If you haven't received a polling card but think you should have, please contact us to check your registration on 0118 937 3717 or

Postal votes

Last Date for Postal/Postal Proxy Applications (and for changes to existing Postal, Postal Proxy & Proxy votes): 5pm on Wednesday 8th May 2019.

Please note if you have a postal vote in place by 16th April 2019, your postal vote pack will be sent to you on or around 8th May 2019.

If you apply for a postal vote after 16th April 2019 but before 5pm on 8th May 2019 your postal vote pack will be sent you on or around 15th May 2019.

However, it cannot be guaranteed that they will be delivered then. Although, they will be sent first class, there is also no guarantee that they will be delivered the day after they have been posted. Therefore if you are going to be away and the postal papers are due to be sent to your home address you may need to consider changing that arrangement to be on the safe side.

Please note we do not make up and send Postal Vote packs from our office, they are made up and sent by our printing company and we have just two scheduled mailings.

Proxy votes

It means that if you cannot get to a polling station because you are away, (so cannot have a postal vote either) you can appoint someone (a proxy) to vote on your behalf.  Your proxy will have to go to your polling station unless they apply for a proxy postal vote (before the 5pm deadline on 8th May 2019.)

You'll need to complete and return your proxy application by 5pm on 15th May 2019. Forms can be requested by contacting Electoral Services on 0118 937 3717 or  

Alternatively, you can download the form from

Polling stations

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm.

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