Antisocial behaviour

This includes anything which has a damaging or distressing impact on your everyday life. If you witness an incident, contact the police at 101 or our antisocial behaviour team at 0118 937 3787. Please remember that things like everyday living noise and parking issues do not count as antisocial behaviour.

If a problem keeps happening, you should record it on our pdf icon diary sheet [98kb] and send it to the Antisocial Behaviour Team, Partnership Office, 1st Floor, Reading Police Station, RG1 7TH. Any report you make is anonymous.


Dial 999 in emergencies. For non-urgent crimes, contact the police at 101. has information on hate crime and gangs. The Stop Hate UK website has useful advice for victims and witnesses. You might also want to find out how to set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Unauthorised traveller sites

There are no authorised sites in Reading. We will evict travellers if they are on council land. If they are on private land, the landlord has to apply through the courts to evict them and is responsible for clearing up.

In this area

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