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Burials and cremations

Burial and cremation costs (Henley Road)

Cremation costs (including environmental levy)

Cremation Costs (including environmental levy)
Cremation of over 16s£745
Foetus, stillborn infant or child under 16No charge
Cremation for a Public Health funeral£545

 Exclusive rights of burial for 75 years (deed of grant)

Exclusive Rights of Burial for 75 Years (deed of grant)

Mayfield lawn£940
Mayfield traditional£1,305
Park cremated remains plot for 2£500
Fees for graves in older sections of the cemetery: Price on application - availability needs to be checked. 
Charges for exclusive right of burial in any grave or vault will be trebled for people who did not live in the Borough of Reading at the time of their death. 

Interment fees 

Interment of over 16s£735
Interment of a child 5 to 15£125
Interment of under 5s (including stillborn)£52
Interment of cremated remains£125
Interment of cremated remains from away£168
For any burial below 6 feet in depth an additional charge will be made (Lawn or traditional cemetery only).£258

Use of chapel

For over 16s£275
Additional 30 minute service time£275
For under 16s (including stillborn and foetus)£60

It is important to find out if the deceased person had a funeral plan. This would generally cover the costs of the funeral.

If the person paying for the funeral is receiving any means tested benefits they may be able to claim financial help from the Social Fund.

We offer a wide variety of other pdf icon memorial options [3Mb].

Reading Crematorium's Book of Remembrance


Henley Road Cemetery offers:

  • traditional graves - monuments, headstones, tablets, vases and kerb railings are allowed
  • lawn graves - headstone and an area for planting flowers
  • cremated remains wedge tablet graves - wedge-shaped tablet and can contain two sunken flower vases

Monument masons

Visit the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) website to find your nearest mason.

Prices for work permit

Type of gravePermit fee
Traditional grave£255
Lawn grave£178
Cremated remains£65.50
Additional inscriptions or work£54

Transferring ownership of a grave

The registered owner of a grave owns the rights for 75 years. Ownership can be transferred if:

  • the registered owner decides to assign the grave to someone else
  • an application is made for a burial in the grave but the registered owner is already dead
  • an application to place a memorial/additional inscription the grave is made but the registered owner is dead

Memorial items

Memorial bench or tree request

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