Chiltern Edge information for Reading residents

Chiltern Edge School

Following the recent OFSTED Inspection report of Chiltern Edge, Oxfordshire County Council are currently consulting on the future of the school. More details will be released on 23rd June 2017 once they have considered the responses. We understand that this may be a very uncertain and upsetting time for parents and we want to assure everyone that Reading Borough Council, as a proactive measure, has begun to examine the best options should the school close.

The full report can be found here

The consultation can be found here

We would like to stress, at this stage, that no decisions have been taken and that everyone with an interest in the provision of good quality education for children in the local area is encouraged to take part in the consultation, to inform future decisions.

Representatives from Reading Borough Council will be at the meetings at Chiltern Edge School on 3 May 2017. Meetings run from 5:30pm. A further meeting will be scheduled for parents of Reading residents in the near future, to be held at the Reading Borough Council Civic Offices. We will write to all parents of children at Chiltern Edge when a date and time are confirmed.

If you would like any advice in the meantime please do call our admissions team on 0118 937 3777 or email

Parents wishing to move their children from the school

Parents of children in Year 7 September 2017

Parents of students due to join the school in Year 7 September 2017 should complete a pdf icon late application form [79kb] and return this to the team.

If it is possible to offer a place at the schools you listed as higher preferences than Chiltern Edge, the place offered at Chiltern Edge will be withdrawn and the higher preference offered.

We would recommend that you list as many schools as possible on this form as this increases our chances of being able to offer an alternative school. You can list schools in other authorities and should also list any schools for which you are already on the waiting list so that we are aware of your order of preference. If we cannot offer any of the schools on your application form, we will offer the catchment area school if it has spaces available or the closest Reading School with available spaces. 

Places will be allocated in accordance with a schools oversubscription criteria; full details of the admissions process currently running can be found on our secondary school admissions page.

Parents of children in Years 7-10

Parents of students currently at the school should complete an in year admissions form. Full details of schools in the area, and the oversubscription criteria can be found on our in year admissions page.

Please note that you are under no obligation to accept the place offered as part of the in year admissions until the future of Chiltern Edge is determined.

Due to a high demand for places in Reading, it may be that we cannot offer a place immediately. Please do indicate if you wish to be offered an alternative school to commence in September 2017 if we cannot offer a place at the school you have listed. This may be appropriate for parents of Year 9 children who wish to commence GCSE courses at another school. It may be easier to find places for children in Year 9, rather than Year 10 classes once GCSEs have commenced.

We would recommend that you list as many schools as possible as this increases our chances to offer a school. If you would like to be considered for schools in other authorities then please apply via that Local Authority's website.

Please note: Oxfordshire Council remove students from their waiting lists in June/July and you will need to reapply immediately if you wish to remain on the continued interest list for an in year admission at a school in that Local Authority.

Why is Reading Borough Council encouraging parents to apply when the future of the school is not confirmed?

Reading Borough Council are encouraging applications in order to assess demand for places and to increase parents' chances of receiving offers at local and preferred schools. It is anticipated that demand for places at Highdown School will be particularly high as it is a catchment area school for many students educated at Chiltern Edge. As the in year admission process continues, spaces at this school are likely to be filled so it is unlikely that there will be spaces in September 2017. Any spaces which are available will be allocated in accordance with the schools oversubscription criteria and if you have not applied for this school, you will not be considered. This is the same rationale for other schools.

Why are Reading Borough Council particularly encouraging applications from current Year 9s?

As Oxfordshire County Council could close the school in June 2018, we believe a proactive approach is in the best interests of students, who would be half way through GCSE courses should the school close at this time. There is no guarantee that local schools would be able to match exam courses  with those already commenced at Chiltern Edge. There are also significant demand on school places in Year 9 across the borough so we would encourage parents to apply to be considered for their preferred schools. Parents are free to decline any school place offered and remain at Chiltern Edge when more details about the future are known.

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