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Social work in Reading - Making a difference to Reading's Children


We are passionate about children's lives, their safety and improvement of our Children's Services.

In Children's Services we have a dynamic auditing model "Beyond Auditing", valued highly by frontline workers and managers. In addition to seeking and sharing views on the findings of audits, the model includes live coaching and reflection with social workers and managers on their work with children and families. We are also about to commission a full refresh of our Signs of Safety approach to include training for all staff in this well respected, evidenced methodology.

In addition to these our offer to you includes:

  • Our overarching ambition to build a learning culture
  • We have Research in Practice (RIP) membership across Children's Services.
  • We give you a commitment to effective supervision including guaranteed supervision time
  • You will be able to access a range of professional development opportunities
  • We are committed to achieving safe, manageable caseloads
  • Strong, supportive leadership, including listening to all staff
  • Strong, professional partnerships to support vulnerable children

This really is a very exciting time to join Reading. We are working with partners to create an independent local authority-owned company to support our unrelenting focus on high quality outcomes for children.  The company will be commissioned to deliver high quality children's social care, early help services, health services and education across the borough. We are committed to engaging all our staff in the company's development.

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