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FOI requests

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We aim to answer within 20 working days and will contact you if we need to clarify your request.

Standard requests are free, but we charge if we have to post anything or if it costs us to collate the information.


You cannot reuse data without our permission. Contact our legal team for advice.

Fair Processing Notice

The Council takes your personal data and its legal obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 extremely seriously. The personal data you provide to us in making a request under the FOI Act is stored on our secure system, and only accessed using encrypted devices.

Any personal data in your request is processed internally and shared between the relevant internal departments in order to provide you with a tailored response. Occasionally, the request will be shared with our commercial partners where the information requested is governed by a contract, or with other public authorities in the case of "round robin" requests. If you wish to see your personal data held by the Council, please complete our Subject Access Request form.

Publication scheme

This outlines the information we make available and covers:

  • who we are and what we do
  • what we spend
  • our priorities
  • how we make decisions
  • our policies and procedures
  • lists and registers

pdf icon Procedure for Dealing with Requests for Information [40kb]


Transparency code

Quarterly, we publish:

Annually, we publish:

Business rates data

Annual Parking Reports

pdf icon Annual Parking Report 2017-18 [1Mb]

pdf icon Annual Parking Report 2016-17 [1Mb]

pdf icon Annual Parking Report 2015-16 [1Mb]

pdf icon Annual Parking Report 2014-15 [1Mb]

pdf icon Annual Parking Report 2013-14 [1Mb]

pdf icon Annual Parking Report 2012-13 [1Mb]

pdf icon Annual Parking Report 2011-12 [1Mb]

pdf icon Annual Parking Report 2010-11 [214kb]

pdf icon Annual Parking Report 2009-10 [211kb]

pdf icon Annual Parking Report 2008-09 [56kb]

Traffic Regulation Orders:

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Bus Lanes) (A33) Order 2017 [752kb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Kennet Island) (Bus Gate) Order 2013 [262kb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Bus Lanes) (Kings Road) Order 2013 [223kb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Station Access) (Movement Control) Order 2013 [350kb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Bus Lanes) (Kings Road) Order 2013 [223kb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Station Access Road) (Waiting Restrictions) Order 2013 [331kb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Southcote Lane) (Prohibition of Vehicles) Order 2010 [1Mb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Hemdean Road) (Bus Lanes) (Amendment) Order 2012 [1Mb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Town Centre) (Bus and Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Lanes) (Special Access Permits) Order 2012 [4Mb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Town Centre) (Bus and Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Lanes) (Experimental) Order 2011 [540kb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Town Centre) (Bus and Accessible Taxi Lanes) Order 2017 (MInster Street) [275kb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Reading Station and Town Centre) (Movement Control Order) Order 2011 [2Mb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading (Bus Lanes) Traffic Regulation Order 2016 [3Mb]

pdf icon Borough of Reading Kennet Island and Station Access Road [266kb]

Approved Device Camera Certificates:

pdf icon Approved Device PAD039 Issue 2 06.08.2012 [29kb]

Camera Certificates: 

pdf icon 08.04.2019 to present [194kb]

pdf icon 20.12.2017 to 07.04.2019 [55kb]

pdf icon 16.09.2016 - 19.12.2017 [292kb]

pdf icon 20.11.2015 - 15.09.2016 [255kb]

pdf icon 24.04.2015 - 19.11.2015 [76kb]

pdf icon 29.9.2014 - 24.04.2015 [204kb]

pdf icon 03.06.2014 - 29.09.2014 [185kb]

pdf icon 21.10.2013 - 03.06.2014 [196kb]

pdf icon 10.07.2013 - 21.10.2013 [110kb]

pdf icon 07.05.2013 - 10.07.2013 [87kb]

pdf icon 12.10.2012 - 07.05.2013 [108kb]

pdf icon 13.08.2012 - 12.10.2012 [426kb]

pdf icon 26.03.2012 - 13.08.2013 [327kb]

pdf icon 04.08.2011 - 26.03.2012 [232kb]

pdf icon 15.04.2011 - 04.08.2011 [234kb]

pdf icon BLADM 038 11/08/2010 [47kb]

pdf icon BLAD 040 06/05/2010 [72kb]

pdf icon BLADM 030 06/07/2009 [168kb]

Department for Transport Sign Authorisation

pdf icon 2014 [1Mb]

pdf icon 2012 [2Mb]

pdf icon 2011 [1Mb]

pdf icon 2008 [684kb]

pdf icon 2006 [1Mb]

Bus Lane Maps:

pdf icon A329 Kings Road Bus Lane [348kb]

pdf icon A329 Kings Road West to East Bus Lane [375kb]

pdf icon Basingstoke Road North Bus Lane [128kb]

pdf icon Basingstoke Road South Bus Lane [522kb]

pdf icon Basingstoke Road (Northbound Bennet Rd) Nov 2016 [770kb]

pdf icon Basingstoke Road (Southbound Bennet Rd) Nov 2016 [434kb]

pdf icon Bath Road Bus Lane [1Mb]

pdf icon Blagrave Street East to West Bus Lane [1Mb]

pdf icon Bridge Street Nov 2016 [333kb]

pdf icon Duke Street Bus Lane [1Mb]

pdf icon Friar St West Bus Lane [644kb]

pdf icon Friar Street Eastbound Bus Lane [406kb]

pdf icon Hemdean Road Bus Lane [923kb]

pdf icon Lindisfarne Way Bus Lanes [678kb]

pdf icon London Street North Section Bus Lane [433kb]

pdf icon London St (South) Nov 2016 [439kb]

pdf icon Minster Street map [959kb]

pdf icon Norcot Road Bus Lane [307kb]

pdf icon Norcot Road (Westbound) Nov 2016 [406kb]

pdf icon Oxford Road Bus Lane [2Mb]

pdf icon Oxford Road (Bedford Rd) Nov 2016 [263kb]

pdf icon Southampton St (Northbound) Nov 2016 [263kb]

pdf icon Southcote Lane Bus Lane [547kb]

pdf icon Southcote Lane Southbound Bus Lane [616kb]

pdf icon St Marys Butts Bus Lane [187kb]

pdf icon Stanshawe Road Bus Lane [534kb]

pdf icon The Forbury Bus Lane [706kb]

pdf icon Trooper Potts Way - Northbound [310kb]

pdf icon Trooper Potts Way - Southbound [203kb]

pdf icon Vastern Road East Side Southbound Bus Lane [4Mb]

pdf icon Vastern Road North Side Bus Lane [1Mb]

pdf icon Vastern Road West Side Northbound Bus Lane [2Mb]

pdf icon Wokingham Road Bus Lane [3Mb]

Approved Device Certificates

pdf icon Approved Device PAD039 Issue 2 06.08.2012 [29kb]

Permit zones

You can find your parking zone on our pdf icon Permit Parking Zone Street Index [234kb] to find out which streets are in which zones. 

pdf icon Permit Zone 01R [2Mb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 02R [403kb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 03R [704kb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 04R [1Mb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 05R [384kb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 06R [524kb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 07R [3Mb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 08R [636kb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 09R [844kb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 10R [8Mb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 11R [602kb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 12R [695kb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 13R [2Mb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 14R [1Mb]

pdf icon Permit Zone 15R [2Mb]

pdf icon Permit Zone B2 [169kb]

pdf icon Permit Zone C4 [124kb]

pdf icon Permit Zone W1 [126kb]

pdf icon Permit Zone Z1 [154kb]

Rules and definitions for parking permits

We produce two factsheets for pdf icon parking management rules [66kb] and pdf icon parking management definitions. [131kb]



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