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Green waste collections

Changes to garden waste collection days from 1 April 2018

Garden waste collection days will change for some residents from 1 April 2018 as the collection rounds are changing to make them more efficient.

You can view your collection dates and download an individual collection calendar for your property at my.reading.gov.uk.

Renew your Garden Waste subscription

Letters have been sent to existing Garden Waste customers. You can renew online by credit or debit card.

Please renew by 09 March in order to ensure that you receive your sticker in time for 1 April 2018 and to avoid any break in your Garden Waste collections. If you have two green bins your stickers will be sent to you in the post separately.

Cost of Garden Waste collection

  • Green bins - £50 per year (£37.50 for households that receive Council Tax Support)
  • Green bags - £15 per year (£11.25 for households that receive Council Tax Support) 

We will collect a maximum of 2 containers per property. The charge covers both containers.

Collections are fortnightly and the service runs from 1st April to 31st March except for a 2 week period at Christmas when no garden waste collections are made. 

Joining the scheme

If you do not already have a bin or bag and want to join the scheme there is a charge for the supply of the bin (£51.10) or bag (£11.35), which you can order here. The price of the green bin includes a £15 delivery fee. You will also have to pay the annual charge. If you join part-way through the year you will pay a pro-rata amount which is calculated on a quarterly basis.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Join or renew the Garden Waste Collection Scheme

Ordering an additional or replacement green bin or bag

You can order an additional or replacement bin (£51.10) or bag (£11.35) here. The price of the green bin includes a £15 delivery fee. We will collect a maximum of 2 garden waste containers per property.

Missed bins

Report a missed bin

You must report your missed bin by 5pm on the working day following your scheduled collection day.

Avoid a missed collection

Freezing weather causes green waste to get stuck in overfull bins - sometimes preventing us from emptying them. You can help by loosening the waste before the collection time, not overfilling or tightly packing the contents of your bin, and by keeping the lid closed to stop moisture building up. If you can keep the garden bin in a garage or shed, this will reduce the chances of the contents freezing. 

Don't I pay for this service already through my Council Tax?

No, the garden waste collection service is an additional service we provide. Councils do not have to provide the service but we do because we think it is valued by local residents. It costs us £300,000 a year and we cannot afford to run it for free any more.

Leaving the service

You can request to opt out of the service at any time, but no refund will be payable.

How else can I dispose of my garden waste?

You can compost your garden waste at home. Visit http://www.getcomposting.com for information and advice. You don't have to buy a specially built compost bin, however special offers on compost bins for Reading residents are available at http://www.re3.getcomposting.com.

You can also take your garden waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) at Island Road free of charge (Island Road HWRC only accepts waste from people living in the Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham local authority areas). 

Why can't I put kitchen waste into my garden waste bin or bag?

We cannot accept kitchen waste because of Foot and Mouth Disease regulations. Your garden waste is processed into compost that can be used on farmland, and we need to be 100% certain that it doesn't include harmful food waste bacteria that could trigger a Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak. 

If you have space in your garden, you can compost any excess fruit and veg. Also, sharing with family and friends can make our food go further and help you to save money.

Can I put surplus fruit and vegetables from my garden into my garden waste bin or bag?

No, as the collection crew may be unable to tell whether the fruit and vegetables have come from your kitchen or garden.

I have lots of leaves from other peoples' or council-owned trees which fall onto my property.  Can I have a free additional garden waste bin or bag or have my garden waste collected free of charge?

No, we are unable to offer free collections or free garden waste bins or bags to residents to deal with leaf fall onto or outside of their properties.

Why is the Council under such financial pressure?

Since 2011 the Council has had to make more than £65 million worth of savings. This is because the Government has cut the money it provides to the Council and because of a big increase in demand for key Council services, particularly adult and children's social care. Latest estimates are that we need to still make £40 million worth of savings by 2020. Charging for green waste collection is just one of a number of difficult decisions the Council is having to consider to balance the budget and to continue to provide key services we have to by law.

Terms and Conditions

You can email greenwaste@reading.gov.uk if you have further questions. 

re3grow compost available to buy from recycling centres

re3grow compost is available to buy from recycling centres (the tip) in Smallmead, Island Road in Reading and Longshot Lane, Bracknell. re3grow is a peat-free compost, made from recycled garden waste and can be bought directly from the Meet and Greet teams at the recycling centres in Smallmead. The compost is available in 40 litre bags at £3.50 per bag or with multi-buy discount: 3 bags for £10.




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