In year school admissions are not processed in the school holidays as we cannot communicate with schools about available spaces.

If you applied for an in year school place before 26th June 2017, all of these applications have been processed. If you have applied after this date and have not yet heard about your allocated place, we will not be allocating further places until the schools re-open on the 5th September 2017 and have confirmed their availability. Whilst waiting list positions for primary schools can be quoted, these often change drastically in the school holidays. 


In-year admissions

You should read our pdf icon In-Year Admissions Guide [185kb] if you want your child to move school outside of the normal admission process.

Online in-year admissions form

If you are moving out of Reading or want to change your child's school to one outside Reading, you should apply to that local authority and let your child's current school know.

Although you can list four preferred schools in your application, your child may not be offered a place at any of them if the schools are already full. We will offer an alternative school to all residents of the borough who are unplaced.

If you want to move your child to a different school because of a problem with their current school you should try to resolve the issue with the school first. 

If your child is attending a local school and you have not moved home, you will normally be offered a school place from the start of the next half term.

Additional forms

Some schools ask you to fill in a supplementary form as well in order to assess where you rank in accordance with their oversubscription criteria. You do not have to complete this, but it may affect your place on their waiting list.

Ranking considering Pupil Premium 

You will need to get your child's current school to confirm they are eligible. Please contact the school if you are not sure whether they get this funding for your child.

pdf icon In Year Community Schools Supplementary Form [124kb] 

pdf icon Maiden Erlegh Reading [367kb]

Ranking considering religion

pdf icon All Saints Infant School Supplementary Form [532kb]‚Äč

pdf icon Christ the King Catholic Primary School Supplementary Form [240kb]

pdf icon English Martyrs Catholic Primary School Supplementary Form [233kb]

pdf icon New Christchurch Church of England Primary School Supplementary Form [30kb]

pdf icon St Anne's Catholic Primary School Supplementary Form [92kb]

pdf icon St John's Church of England Primary School Supplementary Form [119kb]

pdf icon St Martin's Catholic Primary School Supplementary Form [307kb]

pdf icon St Mary and All Saints Church of England Primary School Supplementary Form [481kb]

pdf icon Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School Supplementary Form [334kb]

Schools you must apply directly to

If you would like a place at the following schools, please apply directly to them.

Fair Access Protocol

Reading Borough Council, as required by the School Admissions Code 2014 (paras 3.9 to 3.15) has a pdf icon Fair Access Protocol [64kb] which assists local authorities to place students in schools.

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