Hills Meadow

Address George Street, Lower Caversham, Reading RG4 8DH

Map A map of Hills Meadow

Description A major area of open space adjoining Kings Meadow fort he east to Christchurch Meadow, west of Reading Bridge and stretching to Heron Island.
A pleasant stretch of mown grass and walkways alongside the tree lined stream which eventually meets the River Thames. There is also a grassy hillocky BMX track and car parking.

Facilities Seats
Litter & Dog bins
Recycling bins
BMX track
Skate boarding ramp
Car parking
Access Car parking and access from George Street. Metalled pathway along the band from Reading Bridge to Coldicutt Road.
Grassy path alongside Darnell ditch
Pedestrian access to weir and lock crossing to Kings Meadow
(Warning: Danger of weir/fast water)

Wildlife Native hedging has been planted as screening from George Street. The ditch that runs along the northern perimeter is known as The Darnell, (flows following heavy rainfall) has an attractive natural grass walk. For a sheltered walk cross the bridge to View Island and follow the pathway on the eastern side of the stream to the nearby weir.

History Hill Meadow is named after Arthur Hill, mayor of Reading from 1883-7, who was the last private owner of the site. At the southern end of Mill Road, the Doomsday book records that Caversham had a mill there in 1006 and corn was ground there until the early twentieth century, although today none of the building remains.