Local plan examination

The Council is in the process of producing a new Local Plan, which contains the planning policies to guide development up to 2036. More information on the process so far is on the New Local Plan page.

The Local Plan and Proposals Map were submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 29th March 2018. This marks the beginning of a public examination process. An independent Inspector will consider the Local Plan and Proposals Map, and determine whether they are sound, legally compliant and fulfil the duty to co-operate.  The examination process will include a set of public hearings. The hearings are expected to commence on Tuesday 25th September 2018 in the Town Hall on Blagrave Street, Reading. A more detailed programme will appear on this page when available.

The Secretary of State has appointed Louise Gibbons BA(Hons) MRTPI as the Inspector to conduct the examination. The Council has appointed a Programme Officer, Jane Greenway, who is the main point of contact for the examination. She can be contacted on Programme.Officer@reading.gov.uk or 07855 126 484. For information on the Local Plan more generally, please contact the Planning Policy Team on 0118 937 3337 or planningpolicy@reading.gov.uk.

Alongside the pdf icon Submission Draft Local Plan [11Mb] and Submission Draft Local Plan Proposals Map, a number of other documents have also been submitted, which make up the evidence base for the Local Plan. These are listed below, either with documents available to download or with links to documents on other pages. Please note that this list is likely to change throughout the examination period.

Local plan documents

LP001pdf icon Submission Local Plan (March 2018) [11Mb]

pdf icon LP002 Submission Draft Proposals Map overview and key [1Mb]

pdf icon LP002 Submission Draft Proposals Map pages A to D [11Mb]

pdf icon LP002 Submission Draft Proposals Map pages E to G [9Mb]

pdf icon LP002 Submission Draft Proposals Map pages H to K [11Mb]

pdf icon LP002 Submission Draft Proposals Map pages L to N [6Mb]

pdf icon LP002 Submission Draft Proposals Map pages O to R [2Mb]

LP003pdf icon Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan (November 2017) [11Mb]
LP004Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan Proposals Map (November 2017)
LP005pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal of the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan (November 2017) [9Mb]
LP006pdf icon Statement of Consultation on Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan (March 2018) [3Mb]

pdf icon LP007 Full Copy of Representations on Pre-submission Local Plan (alphabetical A-G) [6Mb]

pdf icon LP007 Full Copy of Representations on Pre-submission Local Plan (alphabetical H-K) [2Mb]

pdf icon LP007 Full Copy of Representations on Pre-submission Local Plan (alphabetical L-R) [13Mb]

pdf icon LP007 Full Copy of Representations on Pre-submission Local Plan (alphabetical S-W) [7Mb]

LP008pdf icon LP008 Schedule of Minor Changes prior to Submission [373kb]
LP009pdf icon Draft Local Plan (May 2017) [11Mb]
LP010Draft local Plan Proposals Map (May 2017)
LP011pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal of the Draft Local Plan 0517 [5Mb]
LP012pdf icon Statement of Consultation on Draft Local Plan [3Mb]
LP013pdf icon Local Plan issues and options (January 2016) [20Mb]
LP014pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal of the Local Plan Issues and Options (January 2016) [4Mb]
LP015pdf icon Statement of Consultation on Issues and Options [10Mb]
LP016pdf icon List of responses to representations on Local Plan issues and options (May 2017) [1Mb]

Other Planning Policy documents

PP001pdf icon Local Development Scheme (November 2016) [1Mb]
PP002pdf icon Statement of Community Involvement (March 2014) [966kb]
PP003pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (September 2014) [1Mb]
PP004pdf icon Core Strategy (amended January 2015) [8Mb]
PP005pdf icon Reading Central Area Action Plan (January 2009) [6Mb]
PP006pdf icon Sites and Detailed Policies Document (amended January 2015) [5Mb]
PP007Local Development Framework Proposals Map (October 2012)
PP008pdf icon Duty to Co-operate Scoping Strategy (December 2015) [1Mb]
PP009pdf icon Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule (January 2015) [1Mb]
PP010pdf icon Annual Monitoring Report 2016-17 (December 2017) [1Mb]
PP011pdf icon Parking Standards and Design SPD (October 2011) [4Mb]
PP012pdf icon Reading Station Area Framework (December 2010) [19Mb]
PP013pdf icon Community Infrastructure Levy Regulation 123 List [260kb]

Other Plans and Strategies

OP001National Planning Policy Framework (2012)
OP002Planning Policy for Traveller Sites (August 2015)
OP003Thames Valley Berkshire Strategic Economic Plan 2015/16-2020/21: Strategy (2014)
OP004pdf icon West of Berkshire Spatial Planning Framework (December 2016) [3Mb]
OP005pdf icon Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 (April 2011) [3Mb]
OP006pdf icon Cycling Strategy 2014 (March 2014) [5Mb]
OP007pdf icon Reading Means Business on Climate Change: Reading's Climate Change Strategy 2013-2020 (September 2013) [4Mb]
OP008pdf icon Air Quality Action Plan Update (2016) [1Mb]
OP009Reading 2050 Vision (October 2017)

Evidence documents

EV001pdf icon Duty to Co-operate Statement (March 2018) [2Mb]
EV002pdf icon Local Plan Overall Background Paper (March 2018) [9Mb]
EV003pdf icon Self-Assessment Legal Compliance Toolkit of the Local Plan (March 2018) [208kb]
EV004pdf icon Self-Assessment Soundness Toolkit of the Local Plan (March 2018) [387kb]
EV005pdf icon Local Plan Transport Modelling Assessment (March 2018) [5Mb]
EV006pdf icon Local Plan Viability Assessment (March 2018) [1Mb]
EV007pdf icon Infrastructure Delivery Plan (March 2018) [459kb]
EV008pdf icon Berkshire Functional Economic Market Area Study (February 2016) [9Mb]
EV009pdf icon Central Berkshire FEMA Economic Development Needs Assessment (October 2016) [5Mb]
EV010pdf icon Reading Employment Area Analysis (March 2018) [2Mb]
EV011pdf icon Berkshire (including South Bucks) Strategic Housing Market Assessment (February 2016) [5Mb]
EV012pdf icon Housing Implementation Strategy (December 2017) [885kb]
EV013pdf icon Berkshire Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment Methodology (November 2016) [612kb]
EV014pdf icon Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment Vol I Main Report (November 2017) [5Mb]
EV015pdf icon Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment Vol II Detailed Tables (November 2017) [404kb]
EV016pdf icon Gypsy and Traveller, Travelling Showpeople and Houseboat Dweller Accommodation Assessment (September 2017) [775kb]
EV017pdf icon Gypsy and Traveller Provision Consultation Document (September 2017) [206kb]
EV018pdf icon EV018 Gypsy and Traveller Provision Consultation Summary of Responses [100kb]
EV019pdf icon Gypsy and Traveller Provision Background Document (September 2017) [6Mb]
EV020pdf icon Western Berkshire Retail and Commercial Leisure Assessment (May 2017) [16Mb]
EV021pdf icon Open Spaces Strategy (2007) [418kb]
EV022pdf icon Open Spaces Strategy Update Note (January 2018) [1Mb]
EV024pdf icon EV024 Historic Environment Background Paper March 2018 [9Mb]
EV025Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Level 1) (June 2017)
EV026pdf icon Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Level 2) (December 2017) [3Mb]
EV027pdf icon Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Level 2 - Cow Lane (February 2018) [1Mb]
EV028pdf icon Sequential and Exception Test Document (March 2018) [9Mb]
EV029pdf icon Water Quality Assessment (March 2018) [2Mb]
EV030pdf icon Tall Buildings Strategy (January 2008) [16Mb]
EV031pdf icon Tall Buildings Strategy Update Note (March 2018) [3Mb]
EV032pdf icon City Centre Framework Update 2008 (January 2008) [6Mb]
EV033pdf icon Local Green Space and Public Open Space Background Paper (March 2018) [372kb]
EV034pdf icon OAN Sensitivity Testing - Western Berkshire Housing Market Area (March 2018) [1Mb]

Examination Documents - Inspector

EI001pdf icon EI001 Initial comments and questions to Council [54kb]
EI002pdf icon EI002: Examination of the Reading Local Plan - Guidance Note [258kb]
EI003pdf icon EI003 Matters and Issues for the Examination [63kb]
Examination Documents - Reading Borough Council
EC001pdf icon EC001 Council response to initial questions and comments [716kb]
EC002pdf icon EC002 Berkshire Objectively Assessed Need MOU July 2018 [391kb]


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