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Marriages & civil partnerships

If you want to get married, or form a civil partnership, you must:

  • be over 18, or 16 with parental consent
  • live in the UK and have lived in your registration district for at least nine days
  • be legally free to get married
  • attend a notice of marriage or civil partnership appointment at your district Register Office

Giving notice of marriage or civil partnerships

You must give at least 29 days' notice before your marriage or civil partnership ceremony. If you are a foreign national, the Home Office may want to increase the notice to 70 days to carry out investigations.

Notice of marriage lasts for one year.

It costs £35 to give notice of a marriage, or £47 if Home Office immigration referral is necessary.

Contact the Register Office on 0118 9373533 to book an appointment.

If you don't live in Reading, find your local register office and give notice there.

At the appointment you will need to show proof of nationality and address.

If you have been married or in a civil marriage previously, you will also need to show proof of how it ended - usually a death certificate or dissolution/divorce documents.

If you are subject to immigration control you will also need to show:

  • a valid passport of Home Office travel document
  • evidence of your immigration status in the UK
  • a UK passport-style and -size photograph of both of you

We work collaboratively with the Home Office to ensure marriages do not break the Immigration Act. The Registration Officer is obliged to check your immigration status. The Home Office may want to investigate further.

Approved venues

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If you want to get another venue approved for your ceremony you should contact us. We do not usually approve open air venues or temporary structures. It should not have a religious connection and should be a public venue.

Converting civil partnership into marriage

You should read the information on and contact the Register Office to make an appointment, if you want to convert your civil partnership to marriage.

You may want to hold a conversion ceremony where you sign a declaration, which legally converts your civil partnership into marriage. Find out more in our pdf icon civil partnership conversion planner [86kb].

Replacement marriage certificate

pdf icon Replacement marriage certificate application form [86kb]

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