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Nationality & immigration

Check if you can apply on

Once we have been notified by the Home Office that your nationality checking has been successful, we will invite you to attend a group citizenship ceremony. You can arrange a private ceremony if you want a more personal celebration.

Nationality checking

You can find the guide and application form on This also tells you all the supporting documents you will need to provide.

We will check your completed application form and ensure it is sent securely to the Home Office. You will need to bring your original papers to the meeting and we will make copies of them to send with your application.

Book an appointment with a registrar

See our fees and charges page.

Joint nationality and passport application checking

You are now able to apply for your UK passport at the same time as your citizenship application.

This easy, efficient service has been developed in partnership with the Home Office. If your citizenship application is successful and a ceremony is attended, your new passport will be dispatched to your home. The service costs an additional £14.  

Book an appointment with a registrar

During the appointment we will check your passport application form for completeness and accuracy and then send it by registered post.

You can find full passport application fees on

If you choose to use the joint citizenship and passport application service, please complete sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 (if applicable and 9 when filling out your paper-based passport application (available from your local Post Office).

Section 1 - if you are within 6 months of your 16th birthday at the time of application, you must attend the appointment in person. For a passport application an adult is someone aged 15 years 6 months, and over. 

Section 2 - do not enter a mobile phone number in section 2 of the application form. Please enter it in Section 8 instead.

Section 4 - grandparents' details are not required.

You must complete the payment mandate on Page 25 of the application guidance. Please ensure that the security number of the card is entered in the appropriate box.

The photographs for the nationality application and passport application must be identical and comply with photo application requirements.

European Passport Return Service (EPRS) 

The European Passport Return Service is for EEA, Swiss nationals and their family members to keep their passport while their online application is being processed. You can use this service if you are an EEA or Swiss national and you have applied online for a registration certificate or a document certifying permanent residence. You can also include any family members (of any nationality) who you have included in your online application.

To use this service you must:

  • hold a current EEA or Swiss passport (not ID card)
  • have completed the online application for either a permanent residence card or to register as a qualified person
  • have a completed checklist, a print out of your application and a note of your Payment Notification Number (PNN)
  • have your supporting documents in the order of the checklist (we will not make copies or check these)
  • attend the Register Office with all required documents within five working days of making your online application
  • all applicants above the age of 15 years and 6 months are required to attend.

No appointment is necessary. 

A walk-in service is available at the Register Office on:

  • Monday - 9am to 12 noon and 2pm to 4pm
  • Tuesday - 2pm to 4pm
  • Thursday - 9am to 12 noon
  • Friday - 9am to 12 noon

See our fees and charges page.

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