Storm Clear Up Continues

News Article


THE big clear up following the storm that hit the town yesterday morning continues in Reading today (Oct 29).

In total there were 67 reports of fallen or badly damaged trees that came into the Council during the course of Monday (Oct 28), with numerous additional reports of large branches that had fallen after being snapped off of trees in the high winds.

Reading Borough Council’s Parks Department has been working overtime to prioritise incidents where trees fell across major roads and pavements, including the trees that caused significant disruption after blocking Reading Bridge during yesterday’s rush hour. Other priority call-outs included where fallen trees blocked access to resident’s properties.

Whilst the majority of clearing work was carried out yesterday, it will continue throughout today and over the coming days to deal with the remaining reports. Fallen trees or large branches are being cut up and, where necessary, wood has been stacked safely on nearby land for clearance over the following days. The Council’s Streetcare Team has also been dealing with general debris scattered by the storm and providing support at short notice to clean up affected neighbourhoods.

At this stage, the Council has not been made aware of any injuries caused to members of the public by fallen trees or branches in Reading.