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Play Streets

Play Streets give children the chance to play safely in their street without danger from traffic.

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What are Play Streets?

Play Streets are a good way for you and your children to get to know and have fun with your neighbours. An organised Play Street closes a residential road from traffic for a maximum of three hours, allowing children to play outside. Any cars already parked in the road can stay or leave throughout the duration of the Play Street, but no other cars can be driven along the road.

You can organise for your road to become a Play Street as frequently as once a fortnight. You can set it up for any day of the week. 

How can I organise for my road to be a Play Street?

You will need to send all affected properties - residential and commercial - a notification letter (there is an example of one in the Play Street application pack).

You should complete the pdf icon Play Street application pack [72kb] and send it to us. You need to give us at least six weeks' notice. 

Submitting an application form does not guarantee you will be allowed to close your street. 

What do we need to do on the day?

You will need to provide appropriate signs and barriers. There also needs to be at least one adult marshal for each highway onto the road.

You should make sure that it is still possible for people to drive into or out of the road during the closure period.  An adult marshal should walk in front of any vehicles that need to enter or leave.

You need to make sure at least 3.7m along the length of the road is left clear to enable an emergency vehicle access, if necessary.

You must make sure you return the road to its prior condition before reopening it.

The Street Party Site and Playing Out have further information.

Are there any reasons why we won't be able to have a Play Street?

If your road is on a bus route it is unlikely you will be able to organise a Play Street on it.

If you want to organise your Play Street when your bins are scheduled for collection then we won't allow it.

How long will it take to process the application for a Play Street?

You need to give us six weeks' notice in order to let us process the application. 

Do we need insurance cover?

No, but we do recommend getting public liability cover for the event.

Can we serve food without a permit?

Yes, as you are holding a private event you do no need a permit to serve food.

Can we play music during our Play Street session?

Yes, you won't need to arrange for an entertainment licence as it is a private event for residents. You will need to be considerate about volume and the times the music is played. 

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