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Terms and conditions

Administrative charge

Once an appointment has been made and confirmed, there will a charge to make any further changes. This relates to the following types of appointments:

  • notice of marriage
  • civil partnership notice
  • marriage ceremonies
  • re-registration of birth
  • civil partnership conversion ceremonies
  • individual citizenship ceremonies
  • renewal of vows
  • naming ceremonies
  • Nationality Checking Service

Please, also see: Availability of Ceremonies at the Yeomanry House

Booking deposit fees (ceremonies)

A non-refundable and non-transferable booking deposit is payable at the time of booking.

The remaining balance is payable at the time of giving notice of marriage or no later than a week after giving notice should the notice be given at another Register Office.

Nationality Checking Service and Nationality Document Return Service

A non-refundable fee paid at the time of booking. The appointment can be re-arranged once but we will need at least two working days' notice before the appointment date. Any subsequent changes (48-hour notice applies) will attract the administrative charge.

Notice of marriage/civil partnership

It is your responsibility to bring the correct documents to the appointment. If your notice of marriage/civil partnership cannot be completed due to lack of documents, you may be charged an administration fee £20 to book a new appointment.

A foreign divorce is one which took place outside of the United Kingdom. If you have been divorced in a foreign country, it is your responsibility to bring the documents which confirm the the divorce can be recognised in England and Wales. A certified translation must be supplied if the documents are not in English. If the documents do not confirm your divorce  (for example, the documents are incomplete or the legal processes have not been finished in the country of divorce), the Foreign Divorce Checking Fee will not be refunded.

Please, also see: Availability of Ceremonies at the Yeomanry House

Cancellation of ceremony bookings by the registration service

Your ceremony may be cancelled by the Reading Registration Service if:

  • the total fees have not been paid
  • legal preliminaries have not or cannot be completed

Cancellation of bookings by the customer

In the event that you need to cancel a ceremony you will be required to notify us in writing.

If you have already paid the balance in full:

  • More than eight weeks before the ceremony date, you will receive a full refund of the ceremony fee (excluding the non-refundable booking fee).
  • Between four and eight weeks before the ceremony date, you will receive 50% refund of the ceremony fee (excluding the non-refundable booking fee).
  • Less than four weeks before the ceremony date or failure to cancel, there will be no refund.

Birth, death and marriage certificates

When registering an event (for birth, death, marriage and civil partnership), it is your responsibility to make sure all information is correct, including spelling and dates, before signing the register or schedule as this is a legal document. You will be required to pay a fee for any corrections, most of which will require the approval of the Registrar General.

Replacement Certificates

If we find that the requested certificate was not registered in the Borough of Reading we will not refund your processing fee.

You should make sure that you have given enough information for us to verify that we have found the correct certificate. We will not not be held responsible if we supply the wrong certificate because the information supplied is incorrect, incomplete or we do not have enough information to identify the correct entry.

If you were married in a church or place of worship in the Borough of Reading, you must contact them first to see if they are holding the register. We will not refund your processing fee if they still hold the register.

We are not able to help with adoption or still birth certificates. Please contact the General Register Office for these types of certificates.


If you have asked us to make a search on your behalf and the search is unsuccessful we will refund the certificate fee, but not the processing fee.

If you have requested multiple certificates and we cannot supply them all, you will get a partial refund for the certificates you do not get.

Cancelling an order

You cannot cancel or amend an order once it has been place. Please ensure you have input the correct details before submitting your request.

Availability of Ceremonies at the Yeomanry House

The Reading Registration Service will be moving out of the Yeomanry House in November 2018. This means that the ceremonies at the Yeomanry Suite and the Reading Register Office will be available only until 20 November 2018. Even though the standard validity period for Superintendent Registrar's Certificates is 12 months from the day of the Notice of Marriage, no bookings for ceremonies at the Yeomanry House will be accepted for any ceremonies to take place after 20 November 2018. If you are not sure about the date of your marriage or are planning to get married after 20 November 2018, our staff will advise you about the options and the new ceremony arrangements.


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