Register Office Fees and Charges

We accept:

  • Credit or debit cards
  • Postal Orders (made payable to Reading Register Office and crossed ‘& Co’).

WE DO NOT accept cheques.

Birth, Death, Marriage and Civic Partnership Certificates

Standard/Short Certificate At the time of registration £4
Copy/Standard Certificate Closed Register (post or phone) £10.75
Copy/Standard Certificate Closed Register (counter/Express £15

Ceremony Fees

Cancellations & ceremony changes admin fee

Register Office (Up-To 10 Guests)

Mon to Fri & Sat am


Yeomanry Suite (Up-To 45 Guests)

Mon to thurs


Fri & Sat



Mon to Thurs


Fri & Sat




Renewal of Vows & Naming Ceremonies

Mon-Thurs (Yeomanry Suite)


Fri & Sat (Yeomanary Suite)


Sun (Yeomanary Suite)





Group Ceremony


Private Ceremony


Civil Funeral


Notice of Marriage and Civil Partnership:

Notice of marriage


Notice of civil partnership


Civil Partnership Conversion to Marriage




Standard procedure (providing information and signing in one appointment)

Reading Register Office


Two-Stage Procedure Stage One - Providing information to the SR and checking of evidence

Reading Register Office

£27 per couple

Two-Stage Procedure Stage Two - Signing the Declaration and a celebratory ceremony

Yeomanry Suite (Monday to Thursday)


Yeomanry Suite (Friday and Saturday)


Approved venue


* No fee for the first year for couples who formed a Civil Partnership (CP) before 29 March 2014 (Ends 9/12/2015)

** Fee has been reduced by £45 for the first year (up to 9 December 2015) for couples who formed their CP before 29 March 2014

Please note: For couples wishing to convert a CP which took place after 29 March 2014 will not have access ot the reduced fee and will need to pay the full fees.

Nationality Checking

Adult Application





Approving Premises

Application Fee for up to two rooms


For each additional room


Contact this service

Register Office0118 937 3533More Information





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