Renting a Council Garage

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The Council has a number of garages across Reading and in Woodley which are available for rent, subject to availability.

Weekly Rent

We have three different rent bands for garages: Higher, Middle and Lower. These bands reflect the demand for, and quality of, the garages at that site. Weekly charges from 1 April 2014 - 31 March 2015 are:

Higher Middle Lower
RBC Tenants £13.83 £10.16 £8.89
Disabled RBC Tenants £12.83 £9.16 £7.89
Other Borough Residents £16.60 £12.19 £10.67
Disabled Borough Residents £15.40 £10.99 £9.47

Please Note: These rates vary because Reading Borough Council housing tenants are exempt from VAT. We also give a £1.00 discount to disabled people, as long as the appropriate disabled badge is produced at sign up.

The Council has the right to change the rent at any time, but generally we review our charges once a year. If we are going to change the rent we will give tenants at least two week's notice.

Paying your rent

Paying your rent is a condition of your Tenancy. Your rent must be paid in advance by Direct Debit either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Using your garage

Garages can be used for your vehicle or to store household items/garden furniture. The Council is not liable for losses or damage to personal property stored in your garage - it is your responsibility to make sure you take out the appropriate insurance cover.

You may not:

  • use your garage for business activities (this includes the garage forecourt area)
  • use your garage to store any flammable or explosive substances
  • make any alterations to your garage without first getting written permission from the council
  • sublet, part with or share the use of your garage
  • display any notice on the garage without first getting written permission from the Council
  • do anything, or allow your visitors to do anything that would result in the council's insurance policy being voided or increased
  • cause any nuisance to nearby residents or to tenants of other garages
  • allow your visitors to cause a nuisance
  • obstruct any roadway, footpath or forecourt to the garage or garage site

You must allow the Council or their agents reasonable access to the garage to check on its condition.

Ending Your Tenancy

You can end your tenancy at any time, providing you give the Council one week's notice in writing, ending on a Sunday. We can also end your tenancy by giving you one week's notice in writing.

When you leave:

  • you must remove all your belongings from the garage and the site
  • you must leave your garage in the same condition you found it and repair any damage
  • you must return your keys to the council

Condition of Garages

The Council carry out a programme of repairs and maintenance to garages - we give priority to sites with the highest demand.

We have a minimum standard for the garages we make available for rent. If a garage falls below our re-let standard we will withdraw it until it can be brought back up to standard.

Garage Sites in Reading

You can download a complete list of Council garage sites/bands in Reading at the bottom of this page.

How to Apply

To apply for a Reading Borough Council garage you should complete our online Garage Application Form (available from the "Related Content" box at the top of this page), or contact the Garages Team

If you apply for a garage site but there are no current vacancies we will add your name to the waiting list for that site - waiting lists are managed on a first come, first served basis. When we have processed your application we will either make you an offer (if a garage is available) or confirm that your name has been added to the waiting list.

Please Note: We will not accept applications from former or current Reading Borough Council tenants with outstanding debts for rent or repairs.

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