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Appeals and contravention of standard procedure

Refusal of Membership

1 Reading Borough Council reserves the right to refuse membership to any application which does not meet the criteria in the Detailed Banding Criteria.

1.1 Should membership be refused on the basis that you do not meet the criteria in Appendix A and B of the RRWC Scheme or you do not agree with the banding (Bronze, Silver or Gold) that has been awarded to you by Reading Borough Council you will have the right of appeal, which must be made in writing, including setting out the grounds for the appeal, within 28 days to Reading Borough Council whose decision shall be final.

1.2 The results of the appeals process shall be communicated to you within 28 working days from the receipt of your appeal.

Revocation of Membership and other Disciplinary Measures

2 Members will have the option of withdrawing from the RRWC Scheme at any time by giving written notice to Reading Borough Council. Entitlement to refunds of membership fees will be considered on an individual basis.

2.1 Reading Borough Council reserves the right to revoke membership of the RRWC Scheme at any point on the occurrence of the following:

  • Should there be a breach of the terms of membership.
  • If there is a change in relevant circumstances for the member which may affect their approval. These may include, but are not limited to; changes in senior staff, convictions and county court judgements, bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.
  • Upon information supplied by any other regulatory agency (or similar) which casts doubt upon the suitability of any landlord to be a member.

2.2 Such changes may result in a revocation of membership or a need to reapply for membership. Reading Borough Council will assess this application and the process may include, at its discretion, a further audit.

2.3 Without prejudice to paragraph 2 above, Reading Borough Council may decide to suspend membership until such time as Reading Borough Council is satisfied that the membership can continue or that it needs to be revoked. It may also suspend membership in order to monitor whether a particular member remains suitable for inclusion within the RRWC Scheme.

2.4 Where membership is suspended or revoked, Reading Borough Council will provide the member with a written explanation of the reason for its action.

Appeals against Suspension or Revocation of Membership

3 An appeals procedure exists and any member wishing to take advantage of this procedure should write to Reading Borough Council within 28 days of their approval/refusal letter. We will acknowledge receipt of your appeal within 7 days.

3.1 Appeals will be assessed by an appeals panel which will consist of a team of 3 Senior Officers within Reading Borough Council.

3.2 Appeals will be conducted in writing although in exceptional circumstances an appeal may be conducted by way of a personal hearing.

3.3 The results of the appeal will be communicated to the scheme member, in writing, within 28 days from receipt of your appeal.

3.4 The decision of the Appeals Panel will be binding on both parties concerned.

3.5 There will be no cost to the member for the appeals process.

3.6 If the appeal is not upheld and membership is revoked, then Section 4 of the logo and promotional wording shall have immediate effect.

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