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Logo and promotional wording


1 As an approved member you are required to publicise that your property has been rated by the RRWC Scheme operated by Reading Borough Council and will have permission to use the RRWC Scheme logo while you are a member of the RRWC scheme.

1.1 The RRWC Scheme logo is specially created to achieve a strong identity for the scheme and as such must not be redrawn, reshaped or altered in any way. The logo should always be presented as large as comfortably possible, as strong branding and a consistent approach is essential.

1.2 he logo must only be produced in the official colour format (where possible) or in greyscale (black & white) for a single colour print.

Use of the logo

2 You will be provided with a with a copy of the RRWC Scheme logo which can be used to market your approved property in the following ways:

  • On your business stationery (e.g letterheads)
  • In your advertising or promotional literature
  • On your business website
  • On your business premises and vehicles

2.1 In the case of approval limited to a specific property or properties, the logo shall not be used in a way which implies approval of your whole property portfolio.

2.2 The use of RRWC Scheme logo or any other logo in a way which implies a connection with Reading Borough Council is not permitted within the terms of your membership.

2.3 The wording and logo should not be altered in any way as to be misleading or give undue emphasis to any aspect, see point 3.1 below for examples.

2.4 If you wish to use the logo in any other way, you must contact us for approval first.

2.5 Use of any other logo is not permitted within the terms of your membership unless specifically stated in writing by Reading Borough Council.

2.6 Unauthorised use of the RRWC Scheme logo may be a criminal offence and may also result in your expulsion from the RRWC Scheme.

Promotional Wording

3 As well as using the logo, you may wish to publicise your membership of the RRWC Scheme by making a written statement in your advertisements etc. Once you have been approved, permission is given for the following statements to be used in connection with your membership. (However, these may only be used in conjunction with the logo which must be of legible size.)

  • Approved Gold RRWC property
  • Approved Silver RRWC property
  • Approved Bronze RRWC property

3.1 Other statements are not acceptable for use, some examples are listed below, they are not a definitive list:

  • Approved by / Recommended by Private Sector Housing / Reading Borough Council
  • Working with /  in conjunction with / in association with Reading Borough Council

Termination of Membership

4.1 When applying the logo or wording to your stationary, adverts, vehicles etc. please remember that if your membership of the scheme should end for any reason, permission to use the logo and statements will be revoked with immediate effect. All certificates and documentation indicating membership of the RRWC Scheme shall be returned to Reading Borough Council within 14 days. This may also result in you having to amend adverts; vehicle livery etc. Reading Borough Council will not be able to accept liability for any costs involved in taking this action.

4.2 All certificates and documentation indicating membership of the RRWC Scheme shall remain the property of Reading Borough Council and shall be returned in the event that membership ends. Tenants responding to advertisements on the basis of the logo e.g Yellow Pages must be informed of the withdrawal of approval.

4.3 Important: Unauthorised use of logos or statements could result in your membership being terminated and may constitute a criminal offence. Reading Borough Council reserves the right to take legal action against an individual or business which misuses the mark or RRWC Scheme logo and you will be responsible for its legal costs (including solicitor's fees) on an indemnity basis.

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