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Admission appeals

Admission Appeals

If your child is not offered a place at the school(s) you have applied for you have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel. Our pdf icon School Admission Appeals guide [95kb] gives details on the process. If your appeal is for a grammar school, please read our separate pdf icon guide for grammar school appeals [91kb].

Our Appeal Clerks organise appeals for most schools in Reading and you can submit an appeal using our online appeal form.

The Council does not arrange admission appeals for the schools listed below.

Primary Schools

  • All Saints Junior School
  • Civitas Academy
  • Meadow Park Academy
  • Ranikhet Academy
  • St Anne's Catholic Primary
  • St Martin's Catholic Primary
  • St Mary & All Saints CE Academy

Secondary Schools 

  • John Madejski Academy
  • Reading Girls' School
  • UTC Reading
  • The WREN School

You should contact these schools directly to submit an appeal.

You should make your appeal to the Local Authority the school is in, which is not necessarily the one you live in.

Appeal Hearing

An Appeal Panel is made up of three people who are independent of the Local Authority and the school you are appealing for. They are either lay people or people with experience of education.

You have the right to come to the appeal hearing and present your case, or someone can present your case on your behalf. It is important to attend if you can, but whether you attend or not, the Appeal Panel will carefully consider all the written information you submit. A representative of the school will be present at the appeal hearing. The Clerk to the Appeal Panel will also be present at the appeal hearing to give independent advice if required and to keep a record of what happens.

You will be given 10 school days' notice of the date, time and location of the appeal hearing and will be sent a copy of the written information submitted by you and the school's representative in advance of the appeal hearing.

We try to make the appeal hearing as informal as possible. The school's representative will explain the reasons why your child has not been offered a place at the school you applied for. You and the Appeal Panel will be able to ask questions on their case. You will then be given the chance to present your case in support of your appeal. The Appeal Panel will already have all the written information you have submitted. The Appeal Panel and the school's representative can then ask you questions if they need any further information on your case. There will be a summing up stage where you and the school's representative can put forward the main points of what you have said.

Appeal Decision

You will be sent the Appeal Panel's decision in writing, normally within five school days of the appeal hearing.

Your appeal will be considered on its own merits. The decision making processes that Appeal Panels have to follow are explained in our School Admission Appeals Guide. There is a separate decision making process for appeals affected by infant class size legislation, which limits an infant class to 30 children.

If your appeal is allowed, your child will be able to go to the school, and you can contact the school about taking up the place.

There is no right of appeal against the Appeal Panel's decision. If you feel the appeals procedure has not been carried out properly then you can contact the Clerk to the Appeal Panel for information on how you can complain about this.

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