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Primary School Admissions

Primary/Infant/Junior School Allocations 2016

Allocations for on-time applications were sent out by second class post on 18 April 2016. If you applied online you should be able to access details of the place offered by logging into the system.. You will need your letter to accept or decline the offer.  

It may not have been possible to offer your child a place at your first preference school or, in some cases, at any the schools you listed.  This will be because your preferred schools were oversubscribed and your child did not get a place according to the oversubscription criteria.  See pdf icon our guide [3Mb] and pdf icon Primary allocations 2016 [124kb].

Reading Borough Council has a duty to offer a school place to all children living in Reading. If we have not offered you a place at one of the preferences you listed in your application, we will have offered a place either at your catchment school (if it has places available) or at the closest Reading school to your home address with places available. 

We strongly recommend that you accept the place offered as we will not withdraw it until you have secured an alternative. If you do not accept the place within a reasonable time after 2 May, we will write to you again and if you do not respond within seven days, the place may be withdrawn. 

Waiting Lists

We will automatically add your child to the waiting list of all your higher preference schools, unless you tell us not to on your acceptance form. 

Waiting lists are ranked according to the published over-subscription criteria and not by length of time on the waiting list so your child's position on the waiting list may change as applications are added or places are offered. Accepting the place offered to you will not affect your child's position on the waiting lists. You can find out your child's position by phoning 0118 9373777 after 2 May. 

Voluntary Aided Schools have to hold waiting lists until end of December 2016 and waiting lists for Reading Borough Council community schools will be kept until July 2017. 

If you want to be considered for any other school please complete a late application form. Please list all the schools you want to apply for, including any listed on your original application.


You can appeal against the decision not to offer a place at your preferred school(s) by 16 May 2016. We advise you to accept the place your child has been offered in the meantime as it will not affect the outcome of your appeal and will ensure your child does have a school place. Find out more on the appeals page.

Deferring place, part-time attendance and offsetting

Children can start full-time education from the September after their fourth birthday but they do not legally have to until the term after their fifth birthday. You should discuss your options with your child's allocated school.

If your child was summer-born and has developmental delays due to premature birth, illness or other reasons it may be possible to delay their entry to full-time school.

You can find out more in our pdf icon Primary School Admissions Guide [3Mb].

Timetable for admissions

November 2015 - packs available (sent to nurseries, pre-schools and infant schools)

13 November 2015 - online application system opens

15 January 2016 - closing date for applications (midnight)

2 February 2016 - deadline for late/change of preference applications

18 April 2016 - national offer day

2 May 2016 - deadline to accept offered place

2 May 2016 - late applications start being considered

16 May 2016 - deadline for lodging appeal

June and July 2016 - appeals heard 


If you need to apply or wish to change your preferences, and you live in the borough of Reading, please use one of the late applications forms below: 

pdf icon Late Primary Application Form [91kb] - this form applies to you if your child was born between 1 September and 31 August 2011

pdf icon Late Application Form for Junior School [80kb] - this form applies to you if your child is currently year 2 at an infant only school.

If your child is any other primary school age you will need to complete an in-year application.

Use School Search to find your catchment school.

Supplementary forms

The following schools take into account religious affiliation in their over-subscription criteria. Please complete the form when applying if you think it applies to your child.

pdf icon All Saints Infant School [507kb]

pdf icon Christ the King Catholic Primary School [44kb]

pdf icon English Martyrs Catholic Primary School [25kb]

pdf icon New Christ Church (CE) Primary School [30kb]

pdf icon St Anne's Catholic Primary School [59kb]

pdf icon St John's (CE) Primary School [119kb]

pdf icon St Martin's Catholic Primary School [146kb]

pdf icon St Mary and All Saints (CE) Primary School [52kb]

Reading Borough Council community schools give priority (within oversubscription categories 1 to 5 and 7) to children in receipt of Early Years Pupil Premium or Pupil Premium.

Special needs

If your child has a statement or EHCP you still apply for a school in the same way, but your application will be considered in a different way. You should talk to your case officer, contact the Information, Advice and Support Service for SEND and read our pdf icon SEN guide [430kb] about applying.

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