You can find out more about trees and the planning process - which includes work on TPOs - on our help with planning page.

pdf icon Guide to Tree Preservation Orders [289kb]

pdf icon Tree strategy for Reading [6Mb]

Tree work

We provide a professional tree service at competitive prices. 

Book tree work

We can:

  • inspect trees and give a written assessment
  • design and arrange the planting of trees, hedges and woodlands
  • carry out tree surgery
  • clear fallen trees
  • design and carve sculptures for schools and public or private gardens

Protected trees

If you want to carry out work on a tree protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) you must apply for our permission using the Planning Portal website. We can give you pre-planning advice if you think you need it, fill in our pre-planning advice request form.

You can see which trees are protected on our pdf icon TPO Directory [427kb].

If you live in a conservation area, you will need to give six weeks notice (a Section 211 Notice) before carrying out any tree work. You can use a tree works application for this but there is no obligation to do so. Notice in writing can be via email or letter and should identify the tree(s) and proposed work.

High hedges

If you have a complaint about the height of a hedge you should let the person responsible know. If this doesn't work you can fill in our complaint form. You should read the leaflet on High Hedges before making your complaint. We aim to resolve all issues within eight weeks.

Overhanging trees

If there is a tree overhanging your garden, you can cut the branches back to your boundary line - but no further. The branches remain the property of the tree owner and should be returned unless otherwise agreed. This does not apply if the trees are subject to a Tree Preservation Order or within a conservation area.

If you feel the tree is damaging your property, contact your insurer.

Memorial trees

Complete a memorial item request form. We aim to plant trees during the autumn planting season.

Tree Warden Network

Reading has a committed Tree Warden Network. You can find out more about what they do on the Reading Tree Wardens website.

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