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EU parliamentary election 2019 results

 Southampton and the South East vote in the European Parliamentary Elections 2019

Local result

1Change UK - The Independent Group1,930
2Conservative and Unionist Party3,208
3Green Party7,009
4Labour Party6,788
5Liberal Democrats11,397
6The Brexit Party9,034
7The Socialist Party of Great Britain83
8UK European Union Party (UKEUP)213
9UK Independence Party (UKIP)686
10McMahon, Jason Guy Spencer40
11Round, David Victor21
12Turberville, Michael Jeffrey19
 Total A40,428

Spoiled ballots

Want of official mark0
Voting for more than one registered party or individual candidate37
Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified0
Unmarked or void for uncertainty157
Total B194

pdf icon Reading result for EU Parliamentary Election 2019- signed by local returning officer [49kb]

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