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Health and wellbeing in Reading

Health and wellbeing is about the whole person – giving physical, emotional and social aspects equal attention. It is about improving the way people feel and function today and increasing their chances of longer and healthier lives. Individual wellbeing is affected by many things. Our approach to promoting and protecting health and wellbeing in Reading recognises the importance of the places where we live, work and play as well as our health and social care services. Health inequalities are also a real concern in Reading and in some cases, the gap in health life expectancy (the number of years people are expected to live in ‘good’ health and are disability-free) is widening.

The local response

It is the duty of Reading’s Health and Wellbeing (HWB) Board and Reading Borough Council to produce a for Reading. The JSNA identifies the current, and future, health and social care needs of the local community. It is used to inform the Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017-2020 and action plan which sets out joint priorities for health and wellbeing in Reading.

The Council and partners have a joint plan for making health and wellbeing in Reading a priority. The 2017-2020 plan builds on the previous Health and Wellbeing Strategy. It takes into account national and local advances over the past three years and extensive engagement with local partners, voluntary and community sectors and public consultation – all organised by the Wellbeing Team. There are eight key priorities set out in the current plan.

For more information on specific local health and wellbeing services and support please visit Reading Services Guide.

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