Premises licence

Business and Planning Act 2020

The above Act has given premises that currently have a licence to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises, automatic authorisation for sales off the premises. These off-sales may only occur at a time that the premises is currently authorised for on-sales up until 23:00hrs. For more information please see government guidance.

If your premises will be utilising the automatic authorisation for alcohol off-sales, you must complete a word icon Section 172F Notice [51kb] and keep a copy somewhere securely on-site as well as displaying a copy alongside the summary of your premises licence.

This automatic authorisation will cease to effect from 1 October 2021.

Applying for a premises licence

Complete a Premises Licence application form or Club Premises Certificate application form if you want to sell or supply alcohol from a premises on a permanent basis - for a one-off event you will need a Temporary Event Notice.

Read our pdf icon Policy Statement [816kb]  and our pdf icon Cumulative Impact Assessment [3Mb] to help you make your application. You will need to ensure that your application is sent to all the responsible authorities.

You will also have to display a word icon blue notice [35kb] on your premises and advertise your application in a newspaper that circulates in Reading within ten days of your application being accepted by us. gives guidance on activities that are deregulated and may not need a licence.

Immigration Act

As of 6 April 2017, applicants for a premises licence, transferring of a licence or a personal licence will have to prove that they are eligible to live and work in the UK. Please see our pdf icon guidance notes [24kb] for more details and a full list of acceptable documents. Please note, if you do not provide this proof, we will not process or issue you a licence.

You will also be responsible for ensuring that anyone employed in their premises are entitled to live and work in the UK. If it is found that a licensed premises is employing illegal workers, your licence is likely to be reviewed with the recommendation that it is revoked.

Please also note that if you are issued a licence and you then lose your entitlement to live and work in the UK, your licence will lapse.

From 28th January 2019, individuals or partnerships who are applying for the grant of a premises licence; a transfer of a premises licence; an interim authority notice or the grant of a personal licence, can demonstrate that they have a right to work in the UK by using the Online Right to Work Checking Service provided by the Home Office. If you use this service to demonstrate your right to work, then you must include your 9 digit 'share code' within your application so that we can access the information. If you don't then we cannot accept your application. By giving us your share code, you authorise us to view the data and use it to verify your right to work status within the UK.

Prove your right to work

Substantial changes

If you want to make substantial changes you should complete an application to vary a Premises Licence or an application to vary a Club Premises Certificate.

Substantial changes follow the same process and have the same fees as an initial application.

Minor changes

If you want to make minor changes to your licence, you must complete an application for a minor variation to a premises or club licence. You will also have to display a word icon white notice [35kb] on the premises.

We will take any advice and objections into account when we make our decision. If we refuse your application for minor changes you can apply for a full variation.

Change of details on a premises licence

If you want to change any of the following details on your premises licence, please apply here

  • Change the trading name of your business 
  • Change the company name stated on the licence (but only if the company is still the same company. If a new company will be taking over the licence, please apply to transfer the licence - see below)
  • Change the registered address of the company stated on the licence
  • Change the Designated Premises Supervisor's name (for example, if they now have a married name)
  • Change the Designated Premises Supervisor's address

Pre-application consultation service

We now offer a consultation service for customers who want to apply for a premises licence for the first time or who may wish to vary their existing premises licence.

We offer two services:

  1. Pre-application (application form and documents only) for £98 - we will give application advice and ensure all the steps necessary for the application are completed
  2. Pre-application and visit (application form, documents and 1 hour visit) for £157 - the above service along with a one hour visit/inspection. If you think the site visit will be longer than one hour a further £98 per hour will be payable.

Please complete a word icon pre-application form [184kb] if you want to take advantage of this process. You can upload the form and make your payment on We will contact you within 14 days to arrange an appointment. We will not process your form until payment has been made. Pre-application advice is subject to the terms and conditions stated on the form.

Transferring existing premises licence

You must complete an application to transfer a premises licence and a word icon premises transfer consent form [32kb].

You will need to ensure that your transfer application is sent to us, Thames Valley Police and Immigration Enforcement. Details of responsible authorities.

Fee: £23

The consent form must be signed by the holder(s) of the licence. If you are unable to get the signed consent of any holder you must state in your application what steps you have taken to get it, and provide documentary evidence of those steps. We will then make a decision as to whether the licence can be transferred.

Annual premises licence fee

Once a licence has been granted you will have to make sure your annual fee is paid by the anniversary of the date the licence was granted. An invoice will usually be sent out, but it is up to the licence holder to ensure the fee has been paid on time. You can renew and pay on - please make sure you let us know which premises the fee is for.


BandRateable value fromRateable value toApplication feeAnnual fee
DIf mostly used for selling alcohol 2x charge applied £900£640
E£125,000 £635£350
EIf mostly used for selling alcohol 3x charge applied £1,905£1,050

Additional fees apply for events over 5,000 people - contact us for advice.

Door Safe Log Book

You may need to employ door supervisors as a condition of your premises licence. We can provide you with a door supervisor book. If you need a hard copy of the book then you can request one at the Civic Offices and make a payment of £15.

pdf icon Additional pages of door supervisor book [72kb]

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