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Landlord permits - daily

Landlord parking permit are issued if you own premises within a permit parking zone to enable you to visit or service their properties. 

Private landlords (owning up to three properties in permit zones may apply for daily permits. Private landlords may not apply for a permit for a parking zone in which they live). 

Maximum 30 day permits per year, a £10 fee applies, proof of property ownership and vehicle ownership required.

Permits are valid from 7am to 7pm only.

Please ensure the business address is used, not your home address.

Proof of business use

Only one proof required showing the vehicle is used in the course of the day

  • DVLA registration document (V5C)
  • Current insurance certificate/schedule - showing business use

Proof of property ownership

Only one required for each property within a permit parking zone. 

  • Solicitors completion letter
  • Mortgage statement
  • Property deeds
  • Land Registry documents
  • Building insurance certificate showing ownership. 
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