From 29 June 2020 bookings can be made for unwitnessed/witness and internment of ashes - please contact the Crematorium Office for more information.

Cremation fees

Cremation costs (including environmental levy) 

Early morning£630
Direct cremation (no funeral service)£420
Cremation over 18 years of age£830
Foetus, stillborn or under 18 years of ageNo charge
Cremation for Public Health funeral£600

Use of chapel for memorial

For over 18 years of age£420
Additional 30 mins service time£410
For under 18s (including foetus and stillborn)£65

Help with costs

It is important to find out if the deceased person had a funeral plan. This would generally cover the costs of the funeral.

If the person paying for the funeral is receiving any means tested benefits they may be able to claim financial help from the Social Fund.

Cremation forms

pdf icon Application for cremation of the body [188kb]

pdf icon Application for cremation of body parts [146kb]

pdf icon Application for cremation of stillborn babies [106kb]

pdf icon Cremation medical form [85kb]

pdf icon Notice of cremation [147kb]

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