Information for the Christmas period

From Tuesday 1 October 2019 cemetery grounds will close at 5pm, the last entry to the grounds will be 4.45pm 

Grave memorials

Please contact the Crematorium Office‚Äč for details on how to purchase any memorials.

Monument masons

Visit the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) website to find your nearest mason.

Traditional grave

Traditional graves consists of a headstone and kerb set/memorial slab. Only full kerb sets approved by Reading Borough council are allowed.

Traditional grave
Traditional grave

Lawn grave

Only headstones are permitted in lawn grave sections. Graves in lawn sections will be turfed level with the ground.

Cremated remains wedge tablet

Our Cremated remains wedge tablets are for two. We supply a biodegradable container for the cremated remains, however, you may purchase a wooden or other container from your funeral directors.

Cremated Remains tablet
Cremated Remains tablet


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