Caversham Library temporary closure - 11 to 30 January 2020

Event time 11.00am - 11.40am
Event cost £11.20 adults, £5 children

It's time to rewrite normal 

We all have parts of ourselves we hide from the outside world. Parts we fear no-one else will understand. Parts that don't quite fit 'the norm'.

Hidden Stories is a playfully illustrated book based on the everyday experiences of people living with invisible conditions like anxiety, autism and ME. Really it's about all of us, whatever conditions we may or may not have. It's about shining a kind-hearted light on our darkest corners, so we can begin to understand and support one another through otherwise lonely times in our lives.

Dozens of people from the south of England have played a part in making Hidden Stories. They've shared their stories so that others may feel inspired to do the same.

At Reading Central Library on Saturday 11 May we'll be handing out free copies of the book, playing some intriguing games and inviting some open conversation for those who want to get involved. 

So come and join us as we remove our masks, rip off the labels and question whether normal means anything at all.  

Supported by ITV's The People's Projects and The Community Fund

Hidden Stories On Tour
Hidden Stories On Tour

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