What do I put in each bin?

Waste collection crews are taking a number of precautions to help prevent the spread of Covid19, including the use of gloves and regular use of hand sanitiser. There are further steps everyone can take to help us and help protect our key workers. Please wash your hands before putting your bins out and clean your bin handles before bringing the bin back in.
Please do not put out extra waste next to your bin. If you have had a clear-out please store the waste at your house, in your garden or garage, until the current government restrictions are lifted to reduce pressure on collection crews. This is very important as the recycling centre (tip) is now closed.
Waste collections will start from 6am each day rather than 7am until further notice.


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Recycling (usually red)

✓ Plastic bottles (e.g. drinks, milk, toiletries, detergent)

✓ Plastic pots (e.g. yoghurt, cream, snack, soup)

✓ Plastic trays (e.g. fruit punnets, meat/cake trays)

✓ Plastic tubs (e.g. ice cream, margarine, sweets tubs)

✓ Paper and card

✓ Cartons (Tetra Pak) cartons (e.g. juice, milk, soup cartons)

✓ Clean foil and foil trays

✓ Tins and cans (e.g. drink cans, food tins, biscuit or sweet tins - please rinse)

✓ Empty aerosol cans (e.g. deodorant, air freshener, hairspray, de-icer)

✓ Shredded paper (must be contained in a small cardboard box or envelope)

✗ Plastic bags, film and wrapping

✗ Black plastic trays

✗ Glass bottles and jars

✗ Kitchen towels, tissues or wet wipes

✗ Food waste

✗ Nappies and sanitary products

✗ Coffee cups

✗Textiles (clothing, bedding, duvets)

✗ Polystyrene

✗ Any other items

General rubbish (usually grey)

✓ Non-recyclable rubbish

✓ Nappies

✓ Hygiene waste (incontinence articles, catheters etc.)

✗ Builders rubble

✗ Soil

✗ Hazardous waste

✗ Trade waste

✗ Other clinical waste

Green bin or bag

✓ Grass and hedge cuttings

✓ Leaves, plants and weeds

✓ Untreated wood and branches up to 100mm thick

✗ Food waste (including fruit and vegetables)

✗ Treated wood

✗ Turf or soil

✗ Garden furniture

✗ Pet bedding or litter

✗ Gravel or rubble

✗ Trade waste (including waste from a gardener or other contractor working on your property)

✗ Plastic bags and wrappers

If you can't find the item you want to recycle, use the re3cyclopedia look up or app.

You can be assured we're working hard to expand the list of what can recycled, please do revisit this page regularly to check for updates.

Clinical and bulky waste

We provide free collections of clinical waste for residents treating themselves at home.

You can also arrange for a bulky waste collection.

Small electrical item collections

Put your item in a carrier bag next to your red recycling bin on your recycling collection day. We will collect one bag per collection. We only take items under 30cm x 24cm. Examples include kettles, toasters, irons, hair dryers, radios and small power tools. Take large items to the recycling centre (the tip) or arrange a bulky waste collection. If the item is in good working condition you could consider selling it or donating it to charity.


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