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Hot water immersion tank

The immersion tank is the hot water supply for your property. You can usually find it in a hall or bathroom cupboard.

It should look a little like this picture.

Hot water immersion tank
Hot water immersion tank

1 - Economy 7 switch - this will come on during the night and give you half price hot water.

2 - Boost switch (avoid having this on as it's expensive)

3 - The water tank is very well insulated and will keep water hot all day.

The cheapest way to get hot water

  • Leave the Economy 7 switch turned on - it will come on automatically in the night for 7 hours. The electrical lead goes to the bottom of the tank!
  • Turn off the 'Boost' switch - the electrical lead goes half way to the tank

What it costs* to heat water

Day time = 42 pence / hour

Overnight charge 21pence / hour

Heating water for 7 hours overnight costs 7 x 21p = £1.47

*rough estimates based on 14 pence per kilowatt

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