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Phase 2

Introduction to Phase 2 Field Road and Coley District Initial Investigation Project

A Mining Review Mapping Study of a wider area has been carried out which has identified areas within "The Coley District" that should be investigated under Phase 2. There are two initial zones identified warranting investigation. Zone A is preliminary investigations around known quarries associated with historical brick and tile works. It has been established that chalk mine audit (tunnels) are present and need further investigation. Zone B is an extension of the previous investigations in Field Road to try and establish the extent and condition of historical chalk mining activity in that zone.

Update - Results of Phase 2 Field Road and Coley District Initial Investigation Project

The initial investigations works were completed at the end of 2005 to ascertain the extent of the historical chalk mining in the Field Road and Coley District area. The results have now been interpreted to ascertain the implications on buildings and the highway. This information has been included in a report that is now available in electronic or paper form on request at a nominal cost.

The most relevant tables and maps have been extracted from the report for ease of reference below. If you wish to download them, feel free to do so.

Public Meeting - 27th July 2006

A meeting has taken place to explain the findings and the implications to owners and occupiers of the properties in the area covered by this phase of the investigations, in the Council Chamber at the Civic Centre Reading on 27 July 2006. Notes of the meeting are included below for your information.

One of the main issues that came out of the meeting was the need for clarification of the meaning of the colour code of buildings regarding the implications of the investigation findings. Tables 10 & 12 below give explanations of the coding from an engineering perspective.

For clarity, buildings that are coloured purple have no evidence of being affected by chalk mining, but this could not be proven as intrusive investigations were not carried out to these properties during Phase 2. Although, from an engineering point of view, it may be ideal to do intrusive investigations to confirm the situation, unless other physical evidence comes to light, no further investigations are planned at the moment.

Buildings that are coloured blue also have no evidence of being affected by chalk mining through intrusive investigations completed, but are part of a terrace, block of buildings or close to a building that does. There is a possibility that the chalk mining found at nearby properties may extend beyond those properties. Once more detailed investigations are carried out to find out the full extent of the identified chalk mining a re-evaluation of these buildings can take place. It is likely that these future re-evaluations may bring many of these properties into the green category.

pdf icon Minutes of Public Meeting held 27th July 2006 [43kb]

pdf icon Phase 2 Site Location [556kb]

pdf icon Zone A - Map Showing Investigation Results [1Mb]

pdf icon Zone B - Map Showing Investigation Results [1Mb]

pdf icon Zone B Extended - Map Showing Investigation Results [1Mb]

pdf icon Table 10 - Summary of Mining Anomaly Probabilities [91kb]

pdf icon Table 12 - Summary of Investigation Priority Classifications [55kb]


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