Phase 1

Introduction to Phase 1 Field Road Historical Chalk Mines Investigation and Stabilisation Project

Ground subsidence occurred on 4 January 2000 outside the front of Nos. 6 – 8 Field Road Reading, with a crater 8m diameter and 4m maximum depth being formed, which caused part of the front and party walls of these properties to collapse. The Council activated the Emergency Plan and evacuated 200 residents in Field Road to a temporary rest centre because the collapse fractured the gas main.

Most of the people who were initially evacuated were allowed back into their homes later that evening, once the fractured gas main was repaired. However, a number of properties remained potentially unstable therefore the householders were found temporary accommodation whilst investigations into the collapse and remediation works were carried out.

The investigations showed that there were extensive historical chalk mines in the Field Road area. The mine tunnel roofs varied in depth from about 7.5m to 11m below ground level. The tunnel floors were typically around 13m to 14m below ground level and their width is typically 3m to 4m. The condition of the mines was generally found to be poor, with many areas of the roof having collapsed.

A scheme of stabilisation was developed from the results of the investigations. Grouting techniques were employed to fill the open voids beneath the ground and too improve areas of poor ground conditions resulting from previous collapses of the mines.

Stabilisation of Field Road Phase 1 was completed and all affected houses were reinstated together with the gardens and the Highway. The residents of the properties that were evacuated moved back into their properties in December 2001.

A major part of the funding for this project was granted through the Land Stabilisation Programme administered by English Partnerships who approved £4.2m towards the overall costs. The rest of the costs were borne by the Council and householders and insurance companies as appropriate.

This phase was successfully completed on programme and within budget.

pdf icon Vol 1 - Summary Report [2Mb]

pdf icon Vol 2 - An Account of the Site and Subsidence Events [1Mb]

pdf icon Vol 3 - Desk Studies and Research Report [13Mb]

pdf icon Vol 4 - Geotechnical Investigations [3Mb]

pdf icon Vol 5 - Ancillary Investigatory reports [2Mb]

pdf icon Vol 6 - Interpretation of Investigations and Implications [2Mb]

pdf icon Vol 7 - Ground Stabilisation Works [2Mb]

pdf icon Vol 8 - Site Restoration and House Rehabilitation Works [1Mb]


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