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What is the Dignity in Care Charter?

The Dignity Charter consists of 12 pledges towards dignity in care:

  • Having a zero tolerance of abuse
  • Not stereotyping, labelling or subjecting people to discrimination or tolerating such behaviour towards vulnerable people from others 
  • Communicating in an honest, polite, courteous and respectful manner
  • Respecting and preserving privacy and confidentiality
  • Treating people as individuals and with respect
  • Taking the time to communicate in an individualised way what is happening and what we are doing
  • Enabling the maximum possible level of independence, informed choice and control
  • Involving people and their representatives, where appropriate, in planning for all aspects of their care and support
  • Acting to alleviate loneliness and isolation
  • Providing relevant and easy to understand information and not using jargon
  • Apologising if we have made a mistake and offering a resolution
  • Giving the opportunity to receive feedback on how we provide our service and the ways we communicate.
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