Building control

Even if you have planning consent for your building project, you could still need building regulation consent before you can start work.

There are different application types:

  • Full plans - you provide drawings, details and other supporting information. We check them before approving or rejecting your application
  • Building notice - you provide less information and we do not need to make a formal decision
  • Regularisation - where work has been carried out without getting the appropriate approval, you should apply for a regularisation certificate for retrospective approval

Call us on 0118 937 2449 if you have any queries

Further information:

Health and Safety Executive website 

Guide to Converting Your Property

Guide to Renovating Your Home

Guide to Extending Your Home


The building regulation charge for the majority of domestic extensions and alterations are standard charges. Some building work will need to be individually calculated. See our charges page for details.

You should complete our pdf icon building regulations application form [314kb] if you want to apply for full plans, building notice, regularisation or resubmission. 

Site inspections

You can book your site inspection/visit on the inspection text number 07480 357 065. Please ensure that you leave your address, type of site inspection, date required and your name and contact details.

You must contact us at least two days before you start building, so we can inspect the site as you begin work. We will also inspect your site at various points in the building process. Call us on 0118 937 2449 to book an inspection.

If we find the building work does not meet the required standards we can order you to demolish or alter it. Serious cases could result in a fine or legal action.

When work is finished, inspected and approved you will be issued with a completion certificate.

You will need this certificate when you sell your home. 

Building in multiple boroughs

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) is the member organisation representing all local authority building control departments in England and Wales. Developers with building projects in a number of local authority areas can opt to work with LABC to get consistent feedback and advice on their projects.

Dangerous structures

You should contact us on 0118 937 2449 (out of hours number 0118 937 3737) immediately and we will inspect the structure.

Demolition work

If the building you want to demolish is less than 50 cubic metres you do not need to give us notice.

If it is larger, you must give us six weeks' notice by sending us a pdf icon Section 80 Demolition Notice [171kb]. gives advice for carrying out building work when there are party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings in its Party Wall guidance web page.


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