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Home Care Framework 2017/18

Home Care Framework (HCF)- List of Providers 2017/18 Version 1.4

ProviderHCF rankingHCF price 17/18Quality score (out of 40)Pricing score (out of 60)Final score (out of 100)
Nestor Primecare Services Trading as Allied Health Care116.5029.335281.33
Regional Care Services Ltd Trading as Care Watch Reading216.8834.3646.9381.29
Alina Care317.843322.455.40
K Care Nursing Agency Ltd418.0031.691647.69
Royle Care 518.2435.696.442.09
GP Homecare Limited Trading as Radis Community Care618.24346.440.40
Novus Care Ltd718.2419.696.426.09
Apex Primecare  818.2418.756.425.15

Please note:

  • Providers are ranked according to their quality and pricing scores.
  • The Reading Borough Council (RBC) rates displayed on the list are agreed rates that RBC pays for when directly purchasing home care services from the provider or direct payments are being used. Providers may charge different rates to those purchasing their own care with their own funds which is not arranged by RBC. However please ensure RBC is informed about this as it may indicate a change in needs.
  • Quality scores have been awarded based on the performance of the provider over a reporting period between 2017/18.
  • Where quality concerns have been identified for a provider on HCF, Reading Borough Council may give a provider a Red (no new placements to be made) or Amber placement flag (placements to be made with caution). When a provider is awarded a Red placement flag they will be removed from HCF until the flag is lifted, providers with an Amber flag will remain on HCF but will be placed at the bottom of the framework. If you would like to check whether or not a provider has a placement flag please contact the Quality and Performance Monitoring Team at qpm@reading.gov.uk
  • If a provider is flagged this information will be shared internally with colleagues, as well as relevant professionals and neighbouring Local Authorities.
  • The Council expects all providers to be compliant with Reading's local Dignity Charter - this means they are committed to promoting and protecting the dignity of people using their services. As well as this providers are expected to adhere to the requirements of the Ethical Care Charter to promote better and higher quality of care and better conditions for care workers.

Contact details for HCF providers

Organisation nameContactEmailAddressTelephone

Apex Primecare

Terry Whitfield-Stoneterry.whitfieldstone@apexprimecare.org47 Cheap Street, Newbury RG14 5BX0333 121 8801
Alina HomecareNaomi Haughtonnaomi.haughton@alinahomecare.com

Suite 3 - First Floor

20-22 Richfield Avenue, Reading 

 RG1 8EQ

0118 359 3222
GP Homecare Limited Trading as Radis Community Care Leah McCreery Clarkeleah.clarke@radis.co.uk  2 Windsor Square
Silver Street
RG1 2TH 
0118 986 7891 
KCare Nursing Agency Ltd Peter Mukono pmukono@kcarehealth.com155 Oxford Road
RG1 7UY 
0118 956 9922 
Nestor Primecare Services Trading as Allied Healthcare  reading@alliedhealthcare.com2 Richfield Place
12 Richfield Avenue
RG1 8EQ 
0118 9098 080 
Regional Care Services Ltd Trading as Care Watch Reading Karen Sneddonreading@carewatch.co.uk The Malthouse
1 Northfield Road
RG1 8AH 
0118 957 2844 
Royle Care Limited Ben Royle b.royle@roylecare.co.ukThe Annex
121 London Street
RG1 4QA 
0118 957 7460 

Novus Care Ltd

Rebecca Burrowsreading@novus-care.com14 Beacontree Court
Gillette Way

0118 986 3406


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