Home Care and Support Framework

Home Care and Support Framework (HCSF) Providers 2020-21

The following home care providers have met the Council's quality standards and are contracted by the Council to provide domiciliary care to individuals whose care is funded by the Council.

ProviderTelephoneEmailHourly rateGold standard status*Dignity in Care standard status**Flag
A2 Dominion careservice@a2dominion.co.uk£18.52YesYes 
Care 1st Homecare0118 418 1012berkshire@care-1st.co.uk£18.52Yes  
Caremark (Reading & West Berkshire)0118 957 1155rishi.dhot@caremark.co.uk£18.52YesYes 
Carewatch Thames Valley0118 957 2844tara.mair@carewatch.co.uk£18.52YesYes 
Novus Care0118 986 3406reading@novus-care.com£18.52YesYes 
Radis Community Care0118 986 7891reading@radis.co.uk£18.52YesYes 
Royle Care 0118 957 7460b.royle@roylecare.co.uk£18.52Yes  
Surecare0118 959 5288enquiries@surecarereading.co.uk£18.52YesYes 
Total Health & Training Services0118 987 2035jumoke@totalhealthandtraining.co.uk£18.52Yes  
Absolute Care UK0118 986 6700sue@abscare.co.uk£18.52 Yes 
All Care mhibberd@clececare.co.uk£18.52   
Good Oaks Reading0118 327 1160reading@goodoakshomecare.co.uk£18.52   
Kcare0118 956 9922reading@kcarehealth.co.uk£18.52 Yes 
My Homecare0118 327 1430laila@myhomecare-reading.co.uk£18.52   
Realcare+0118 983 9000info@realcareworld.com£18.52   
Spectrum Group Services0118 995 2475prem@spectrumgs.uk£18.52   
Superb Healthcare0118 375 4194 / 0118 327 3746info@superbhealthcare.co.uk£18.52   
Sylviancare0118 327 3232caremanager@sylviancare.co.uk£18.52   
VJ Carers0118 986 8394vjcarers@hotmail.com£18.52 Yes 

Please note:

  • All of the above providers have met our expected quality standards. Some providers have met additional quality criteria and have achieved our Gold Standard status*.
  • The Reading Borough Council (RBC) rate displayed on the list is the agreed pro-rata hourly rate that RBC pays when directly purchasing home care services from the provider or when direct payments are being used. Providers may charge different rates to those purchasing their own care with their own funds which is not arranged by RBC.
  • If quality concerns are identified for a provider on the HCSF, Reading Borough Council may give a provider a Red (no new placements to be made) or Amber (placements to be made with caution) placement flag. When a provider is issued with a Red placement flag they will be removed from the HCSF list until the flag is lifted. Providers with an Amber flag will remain on the HCSF list but it will be clear that they are amber flagged. If you would like further information about any placement flags, please contact the Quality and Performance Monitoring Team at qpm@reading.gov.uk
  • If a provider is flagged this information will be shared internally with colleagues, as well as CQC, relevant professionals and neighbouring Local Authorities.

*Gold Standard status

Gold Standard logo
Gold Standard logo

Providers who have achieved our Gold Standard status have met quality criteria over and above our expected standard. We monitor providers' quality on an ongoing basis and each provider has a formal quality assessment every year which is based on a range of information, including feedback from service users, family members and health and social care professionals as well as information viewed at quality monitoring visits and from our ongoing monitoring data.

**Dignity in Care

Dignity in Care
Dignity in Care

The Council's Dignity Charter is a set of commitments that providers make to ensure that dignity is at the heart of the service that they provide.

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