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Carer's Assessment

If you help someone in your family, a friend or a neighbour who needs extra support to do things, they may find it helpful to talk to the local authority about staying well and independent. We can advise you both about aids and equipment, community services and other support you may need.  

If the person you care for has a social care assessment or review, you should be invited to take part - if you and the person you care for agree - and to have a carer's assessment at the same time. The Carer's Assessment is an opportunity to focus on how caring affects you, and any help you need to support you in your caring role and protect your health and wellbeing. 

For more details call:

  • 0118 937 3747 (older people/adults with disabilities)
  • 0118 937 6131 (adults with visual/ hearing impairment)
  • 0300 365 0300 (adults with mental health needs)
  • 0118 937 3641 - disabled children (0-18 years)
  • 0118 937 3747 - disabled young adults (18-25)

If you are going to have a face-to-face assessment with the person you care for, you might find it helpful to read the documents in the Carer's Self Assessment section below. 

Carer's Self Assessment

If you prefer to have an individual assessment, you can complete a Carer's Self Assessment Form online​.

The Carer's Self Assessment is designed to help you consider:

  • what care and support you currently provide
  • which caring tasks you are willing and able to continue with and what you need help with
  • how caring impacts on your own health and well-being.

You can request support to complete the Carer's Self Assessment by contacting the Carers Hub on 0118 324 7333 or

View our pdf icon guidance notes [370kb] on how to complete a Carer's Self Assessment.

Download a pdf icon paper copy [388kb] of the Carer's Self Assessment form.

What happens next

After a Carer's Assessment, we may offer you:

  • advice and support to help you manage caring and look after your own health
  • information about local organisations and groups supporting carers
  • a Carer's Personal Budget

If you are eligible for services, we will need to talk to you to make sure we understand your needs. This is because carers have told us they would like help to understand what they can spend their Personal Budget on and how to make the most of it.  

Support for Young Carers

The Council also supports children under 18 years who have extra responsibilities at home because of a disabled sibling or parent with support needs. Find out more about support for young carers

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