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Preparation for the carer's assessment

Answering the following questions will help you to prepare for your carer's assessment. 

Help and time 

Do you help the person you care for with:

  • housework? 
  • cooking? 
  • shopping? 
  • laundry? 
  • bathing? 
  • going to the toilet?
  • other personal care?
  • keeping an eye on them?
  • dealing with money?

How many hours a week do you provide care? Include all the time you spend with the person you care for, the things you do for them, and how long it takes. 

Do you have to help during the day or night, or both? 

Does anyone else help? If so, for how long? 

Would you like some help (or extra help) with these jobs? List the tasks you would like help with (putting the most important first). 

Are you able to spend enough time on other family responsibilities, e.g. being with your children, your partner, parents or siblings? 


Does the person you care for have any health problems you find hard to deal with? Describe them as fully as you can. 

Do you have the information you need about the condition of the person you care for to enable you to care for them fully? 

Do you have any health problems? If so, are they made worse by your caring role? Describe them as fully as you can. 

Do any health problems you may have make it harder for you to care? 

Are you getting enough sleep? 

Do you feel you are suffering from stress or depression? 

Is caring having a negative impact on your health? 

Is caring preventing you from looking after your own health, i.e. your diet, nutrition, getting exercise etc? 

Feelings and choices about your caring role 

Do you feel that you do not have a choice about providing care? 

If you feel that you cannot carry on at all, or can only carry on if you reduce the amount of caring you do, tell the local council. It is not unusual to feel this way and it is important they know how you really feel. 

What would you most like to change about your situation? 

Is there a plan in place to look after the person you care for if you were suddenly unable to care for any reason? 


Do you work? If so, for how many hours a week? 

Does your employer know that you are a carer - do they know about your rights, eg to time off in an emergency? 

Do you feel you can manage to work and provide care? If you cannot manage or are at risk of not managing - do explain this. 

What would make working/caring easier for you? 

Would you like to start or return to work/study? 

Do you have the skills you would need to return to work or education were your caring role to end? 

Are there things that you find enjoyable and relaxing that you cannot do anymore because of your caring responsibilities? (eg a hobby, visiting friends, going to the cinema). 

When was the last time you had a whole day to yourself to do as you pleased? 

Are you able to keep in contact with friends and family? 


Do you live with the person you care for? Is the arrangement satisfactory? If not, why not? 

Does the person you care for have any difficulties moving around their home? (e.g. can they climb the stairs, or have a bath on their own?) 

Do you have to help them? If so, are you able to do this safely and without causing yourself any pain or injury? Special equipment could make life easier for the person you care for and caring easier for you. 

Are you able to look after your own home, do you have enough time to attend to housework and keep your house as you would like it? 

These questions are available to download and print on page 26 of pdf icon Carers UK Guide to Assessment [370kb].

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