Reading and climate change – be part of the discussion

Be part of the discussion about Reading and climate change and receive a £20 voucher for 2 hours of your time.

Numbers are limited to just 12 residents per session. Email to book your place at one of the sessions below.

We all know climate change is a problem, but on our own, it’s hard to know what to do about it, especially when there are so many other things to worry about. We need to work together to come up with a plan. This isn’t about giving everything up – it’s about smarter ways of living and a future where we could be happier. 

Reading and Climate Change sessions

Date Tuesday 21 March
Location Reading Town Hall, Waterhouse Chamber, Blagrave Street, Reading RG1 1QH
Time 9.30am- 11.30am

Date Tuesday 21 March
Location Reading Town Hall, Waterhouse Chamber, Blagrave Street, Reading RG1 1QH
Time 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Date Wednesday 22 March Fully booked
Location Reading Biscuit Factory, Unit 1A, Queen’s Walk (Corner of Oxford Road), Reading RG1 7QE
Time 18:30-19:45

You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to take part, and all you need to bring is yourself and you’ll also be paid for your time.

Let’s not forget Reading experienced its hottest day on record last summer on 19 July 2022 when the thermometer hit 37.6 oC in the town, a reminder of the impact of climate change on our communities. Be part of making a plan for a better future, chat with other residents about different ideas and vote for what you think will work for Reading.

Frequently asked questions

What will happen?

You’ll watch videos and talk about plans to beat climate change with a small group of other local people. You’ll use a tablet device to vote on various questions and answer a short survey at the end. 

How long does it last?

Up to 2 hours.

How much will I get paid?

£20. The experience takes up to 2 hours, so it’s like being paid at living wage for that time. At the end of the session, you’ll get a voucher that can be used in a range of high street shops.

Can I participate if I’m under 18?

Not at the moment, sorry. In the future sessions will be run for young people but for the moment you need to be an adult.

Do I need to be an expert on climate change to take part?

No. Anyone is welcome.

What is it like?

People who have taken part in the past described the experience as ‘surprisingly fun’. They’ve told us it makes them feel hopeful and more connected to their local community – and that they also learnt something.

Who is running this?

The sessions are called ‘The Strategy Room’ and are commissioned by Nesta Centre for Collective Intelligence, an innovation charity, and created by digital story studio Fast Familiar and UCL’s Climate Action Unit.

Are you keeping my data? Why?

Reading Borough Council will securely store your name and email addresses for the purposes of communicating with you and confirming attendance at your chosen session. Your name (not email address) will be shared with Nesta who are hosting the sessions. Your personal information will not be shared or processed for any other reason than for participation in these workshops.

The project is about local and national government understanding what people think, so we use the data for that. Nesta are also researching the reasons behind people’s support for certain ideas. All data is anonymised and stored securely by Nesta, which means that no one can connect any of your answers to you as an individual. You can contact Nesta and ask for your data to be removed at any point up until it is fully anonymised.

What will happen to the results of the study?

The results will be published in a report by Nesta, and this report will be made freely available to local government, the scientific community, and the wider public.

What happens if I don’t want to take part, or if I change my mind?

You do not have to participate and are free to withdraw at any time, however your participation will be very helpful to both the local authority and Nesta’s research team–potentially helping us to understand what matters most to local residents and why.

Last updated on 28/02/2023