Sector specific advice and guidance

Find specific advice for sectors including construction, technology and charities at Reading UK.

Guidance on social distancing in the workplace for manufacturing, construction, retail, logistic and transport businesses which are still operational.

The Government has released videos with guidance on safe working practices for a number of different sectors.

Guidance and advice for the cultural sector:

The Reading, Place of Culture team, which is made up of Reading Borough Council, the University of Reading and Reading UK, are reaching out during these unprecedented times to support you in the challenges you are facing and what lays ahead.

We know that culture helps people live rich and fulfilled lives and that in these difficult times it will help sustain people, communities and our country. When the crisis is over, it will help our recovery. It is therefore vital that we support the arts, culture and heritage sectors as much as we can so that you can continue give people a chance to express and enjoy themselves and promote strong and prosperous communities.