Reporting a Covid-19 concern about a business

Due to the volume of complaints we are receiving we have had to introduce a system of prioritisation in which we look at complaints which we have the most confidence in These are where an employee is reporting first hand knowledge of a workplace and can answer our questions factually. We encourage the employee (not their partner, mum or dad) to contact us direct. Your information is confidential and we will not release your details if you ask us not to. Additionally there is employment law that gives protection to employees who raise H&S matters of concern about their workplace.

If you believe a business or premises in Reading is not adhering to Covid-19 guidance/regulations (‘Covid secure’), please contact the council by emailing: or call: 0118 937 2707

Before doing so, please read the government business guidance for the business type you wish to report and identify where you consider the business is not complying with government guidance.

Enforcement powers on wearing a face covering

We do not have any enforcement powers to make people wear face coverings in shops and takeaways.

Please note point 3 on government guidelines on when a person does not need to wear a face covering.

If you wish to, you can report a possible breach of Coronavirus measures through the Thames Valley Police website or call the non emergency number 101.