Tips for how to display your QR poster


  • Print the entire poster as it is sent to you, including the header and footer, in minimum size of A4.
  • Place one poster no higher than around 130cm off the ground (to the top of the poster), so it’s within easy reach of wheelchair users.
  • If possible, position your posters on the left side of your front window or entrance.
  • Display the poster at every entrance, as well as some inside if possible.
  • Ensure your posters are in a visible and safe position, where they cannot be easily removed.
  • Place posters in easy to reach places, where people can walk past without creating an obstacle. Consider those who may be less able to reach up high or over and around objects.


  • Place the poster on sliding or revolving doors, or in areas with high glare.
  • Customise the poster.
  • Place the poster in narrow, high up, or hard to see areas.
  • Wrap the poster around a pole, as this will be hard for visitors to scan.
  • Place posters on glossy surfaces such as laminate or high gloss paper.

Download and print these QR poster display tips.

Last updated on 17/09/2020