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Residents survey 2020 – We Asked, You Said, We Did

We asked

In Autumn 2020, Opinion Research Services (ORS) were commissioned by the Council to undertake a representative sample survey of 1,000 residents via telephone. The purpose of the survey was to gauge levels of satisfaction with the local area, the Council and the services it provides.

You said

When compared to our citizens panel survey of 2018, the results are very positive (although comparisons should be made with caution due to the different methodology used in 2018). However, the results are slightly lower than those from the Local Government Association (LGA) national survey, as they often are for more urban areas:

  • 77% of residents said they are satisfied with their local area as a place to live (compared with 65% in the 2018 survey, 83% in LGA survey)
  • 64% said they are satisfied with the way the Council runs things (compared with 38% in the 2018 survey; 68% in LGA survey)
  • 45% agreed that the Council provides value for money (22% in the 2018 survey; 54% in LGA survey)

The things that respondents thought are most in need of improving are:

  • road and pavement repairs (47%)
  • the level of crime (32%)
  • the level of traffic congestion (30%)
  • affordable decent housing (26%)
  • parking (24%)

We did

The results have been considered in the development of the Council’s Corporate Plan for 2021/22.

Road and pavement repairs again came out as the highest priority area in terms of needing to be improved – 47% of responses, compared to 58% in 2018, which indicates an improvement in the period which correlates to the Council’s investment in highways infrastructure. The Council has committed to invest £14.5m in the Council’s local highways infrastructure (including bridges) over the period 2021/22-2023/24 to continue to address this resident priority.

We’re refreshing our Community Safety Strategy and introducing a new Housing Strategy that outlines plans to improve access to good quality housing they can afford, within a thriving neighbourhood.

Our Local Transport Plan outlines investments in walking and cycling initiatives, public transport, and electric vehicle infrastructure that will make it easier for residents to make healthy choices, and feel the benefits of clean, green neighbourhoods.