Our communications team provides internal and external communications, staff engagement programmes and delivers the council’s annual events programme.

HR and organisational development

This team provide advice and support to ensure that the council have the right people, in the right job, with the right skills and the right support to help them thrive. Services include:

  • Employment Services (business partnering support and advice)
  • Learning and Workforce Development
  • Payroll and Pensions
  • Resourcing (including HR data systems)
  • Kennet Day Nursery (for children aged between 4 months and 5 years)


Finance leads on the council’s financial management, including coordination and management of the council’s financial accounting, revenue, and capital budget processes. The service also collects outstanding debt and oversees payments to suppliers. The team also provides high level financial support and advice to the council’s Corporate Management Team and councillors.

Revenues and benefits

This team is part of the finance function and collects Council Tax and Business Rates, administers Council Tax and housing benefits, and includes the Benefits Anti-Fraud Team.

Legal and democratic services

Legal and democratic services ensure that all services and councillors benefit from expert legal advice and makes sure the council’s decision-making process complies with administrative and equality law.

It is also responsible for electoral administration, which carries out work to maintain a comprehensive, accurate and current register of electors and postal voters, and manages national and local elections and referendums.

IT and digital transformation

This service make sure that the council’s operations are supported by effective and cost-effective ICT services, and that it has a customer focussed digital presence across websites, portal, social media and intranet. Advising on digital communications and supporting the shift to even more customer contact through digital means, it plays a vital role in modernising service provision.

Corporate improvement and customer services

Customer Services: includes the council’s Customer Contact (call centre and customer hub), ensuring that all who come into contact with the council receive a professional and attentive service, and that their questions can be answered quickly, or referred on to other colleagues as required. Registration and Bereavement services, including cemeteries and crematoriums, also sit within this team.

Corporate Improvement and Delivery Unit:  the council’s Corporate Programme Team has a key role to play in delivering savings and business transformation across all the services we provide. Other key responsibilities include Customer Relations, who respond to good and bad feedback, as well as managing Freedom of Information requests. This unit is also responsible for council policy and performance, managing our important relationships with the voluntary sector, and business analysis and change.


This service provides advice and support on procurement and contract management matters, ensuring the council’s approach complies with relevant legislation and that all contracts the council manage deliver excellent value for money and high-quality outcomes.