Schemes for financing schools

The Scheme sets out the principles underlying the funding of schools, and the basis for the financial relationship between maintained schools in Reading and the Authority. The July 2020 version incorporates statutory changes to reflect current policy positions and changes in legislation, as notified in the 1 April 2020 version of the guidance from the DfE.

The Authority will keep the scheme under review and stakeholders are invited to comment on the scheme at any time to the Chief Finance Officer.


Section 1: introduction

Section 2: financial controls

Section 3: instalments of the budget share; banking arrangements

Section 4: The treatment of surplus and deficit balances arising in relation to budget shares

Section 5: Income

Section 6: The charging of school budget shares

Section 7: Taxation

Section 8: The provision of services and facilities by the authority

Section 9: Private finance initiative / public-private partnership

Section 10: Insurance

Section 11: Miscellaneous

Section 12: Repairs and maintenance

Section 13: Community facilities


Scheme for Financing Schools